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Darrelle Revis

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Should the Philadelphia Eagles be interested in trading for Darrelle Revis?  That has been a question I’ve pretty much scoffed at as a “no way” since the topic has come up over the past week or so.

However, Dan Graziano of ESPN’s NFC East Blog thinks the Eagles should go for it.

Revis is coming off of a major knee injury and nobody knows if he’ll ever return to form.  Mix that in with the Nnamdi Asomugha experience as well as what it would cost in trade compensation, that’s enough to make you quickly jump to a reaction of “hell no!” when asked if we should make such a trade.

However, the Eagles have a critically dire, desperate and drastic need for secondary help (and that’s putting in mildly).

Prior to the injury, Revis was easily the best cornerback in the NFL.  He was a guy that you could count on to shut down his side or take away an opponent’s main receiving threat.  He will turn 28 over the summer so he’s still in the prime of his career.

Could the Eagles use somebody like that?  Absolutely, every team could.  But, is Revis worth the price and risk involved?  That’s hard to say.

With players like Adrian Peterson and Wes Welker, who suffered ACL tears in recent years, coming back the following season and playing extremely well, that can give you optimism about Revis returning to form.

At this time, I don’t think the Eagles will be, or even should be, in the running for a Revis trade.  The free agent market will be ripe with CB talent, albeit not on the level of Revis, but still decent nonetheless.

However, what if the Eagles and Jets tried to work out a trade that involved Nick Foles?

The Jets have had instability at the QB position for a long time and Mark Sanchez is not the answer.  They now have ex-Eagles OC Marty Mornhinweg running their offense and obviously he’s familiar with Foles.

A recent report out of New York stated that the Jets aren’t interested in trading for Foles…”at this point.”

The whole “at this point” part seems to mean that someone up there has at least thought about it and has left the door open on the possibility.

The Jets need a new QB, or at least someone who can seriously push Sanchez.  The Eagles need a cornerback.  Mornhinweg is familiar with Foles and Foles is familiar with Mornhinweg.

Makes sense, right?

Unfortunately, what makes sense to those of us on the outside doesn’t make sense to those on the inside.  However, the idea is still interesting.

We don’t know what kind of trade compensation the Jets want for Revis.  Prior to his injury, the price would be a first round draft pick.  The fact he’s coming off a major injury has to reduce the price though, one would logically think.

With the state the Eagles are in (somewhat of a rebuilding phase) and given the corners who will be available come free agency, I would not even consider giving up a second round pick for Revis.

However, a deal that I would have to seriously think about would be trading Foles and a draft pick for him.  The most I would do would be Foles and third-rounder, and that would have to seriously be contemplated.

Foles and a fourth?  Done, without question.  And that should be fair-enough value, although probably not from the Jets’ perspective.  Foles and a third-rounder should certainly be good enough, especially considering the giant contract Revis will want.

The last time I can remember a star cornerback being traded was back in 2004, when the Redskins sent Champ Bailey and a second-round pick to Denver for Clinton Portis.  Granted, Portis was seen as a star running back, but Washington still threw in a second-rounder rather than it being a straight-up trade.

And Bailey wasn’t coming off of ACL surgery.

Foles is obviously not a star, but is generally viewed as a QB with some promise.  Furthermore, quarterbacks are worth more in a trade simply because of the importance of their position and the shortage of talent.

I’m not saying this trade is even a remote possibility, I’m just throwing it out there for discussion.

Would you trade Foles and a third for Revis?

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6 Responses to If Eagles Were to Trade For Darrelle Revis, Would Nick Foles Be Part of the Deal?

  1. drew says:

    i wouldnt give up foles and a 3rd because that pick is too valuable in rebuilding the team. i would entertain foles and swap our first round picks. give them the 4th pick and we get the 9th pick. then maybe we could get a guy like S kenny vaccaro, and maybe draft matt elam in the second. i would let revis show hes healthy this year and if he is give him the money that woulda went to nnamdi, if not let him walk. if that scenario played out we could almost fix our entire secondary. i know some people are going to be gun shy about another high priced acquisition but revis is one of the few players that could be worth the risk. im not sayin this is what i would want to happen but im just throwing it our there for conversation. if star lotuleli’s heart situ checks out i think he could be great and i doubt he drops to 9.

    • Hey Drew, I like the idea of Foles and a swap of first rounders. The difference between the 4th and 9th pick is about a mid-second rounder per the draft pick value chart. So, in essence, the Eagles would be giving up the value of a 2nd round pick and Foles for Revis. Unfortunately, the Jets would probably view that as “not enough”.

      Did you happen to check out my first mock draft from a couple weeks ago? I had the Eagles trading back and taking Vaccaro and then Elam in the second. I’d absolutely LOVE that. Unlikely, but it makes a whole lot of sense to me!

      • drew says:

        i would love if they get elam in the second round, i really like his game and think he is the type of player philly would like. i really would stand firm on what i offered the jets. they have handled the situ poorly and risk not getting anything if he plays out the year. the longer this plays out the lower his value drops so if they scoff at a reasonable deal i would just go another route. we dont need to make this trade, they however are putting themselves in a situ where it could really become a distraction. honestly i would low ball them, the swap of firsts and foles and nothing else. if they dont like it then just make a run at him next year.

  2. Rodger says:

    I think Foles, 2013 3rd Round Pick and a conditional 3rd Round Pick (if Revis resigns) for Darrelle Revis is worth for the Eagles. I don’t know if the Jets would agree but Revis is a better player than Foles and the 3rd Round Picks will be.

    • Hey Rodger, I can agree with that. Word on the street is that the Jets are looking for “multiple high round picks” for Revis…which I’d be very surprised if they got. The guy is coming off of a major injury so I seriously doubt anybody would pay that high of a price for him. Hell, Foles and two 3rd rounders is a pretty high price, but could be worth it if Revis returns to form. The “condition” I’d make for the 2014 3rd rounder would be that he makes the pro bowl.

  3. tval says:

    id trade foles and a 3rd in a heartbeat. its frustrating to see how weve wasted nnamdi’s talents. with new staff in place i expect him to stay and be utilized properly. if he doesnt restructure plenty of othr options for that price. elam is gone by 2nd. fiu safety may fit, and as hardcore nole fan. please, no e.j. hes awful. we were champ team with somewhat accurate qb!

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