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Cheat sheet for the War Room

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be in the Philadelphia Eagles’ “war room” during an NFL draft?  Well, maybe if you prove to have vast knowledge of the latest mock drafts, you can apply for a job…

While perusing Twitter this morning, I happened to catch an interesting and funny tidbit from Daniel Jeremiah.  Jeremiah, a current NFL Network analyst and former NFL scout for the Eagles, Ravens and Browns, tweeted the following:

In a draft room, nothing produces more eye rolls than referencing “all the mock draft(s) have this guy going _____” horrible defense of a grade.

Then, someone asked him if “real people in a draft room say that”, to which he responded

Heard it several times in my 8 yrs

Jeremiah spent two seasons with both Cleveland and Baltimore as a scout, but spent the last three drafts with the Eagles (from 2010 to 2012).  Obviously, he could be referring to his time with the other two teams, but 2010 just happens to coincide with Eagles GM Howie Roseman taking over.

I’m not saying it was Howie, but given the fact he is/was young and a completely inexperienced football guy, it’s entertaining to think that he could have been in there pounding his fists on the table and saying:

Hey, all the mock drafts have him rated here.  If Mel Kiper, Walter Football and Eagles Addict think he should be our pick here, dammit then, he should be our pick!”

Like how I slid that Eagles Addict reference in there?

But seriously, I thought that was a pretty funny piece of information from Jeremiah.  I can’t imagine that the person (or people) who did this still have a job in the NFL.

If you have to reference mock drafts as your way of grading players or making a case for drafting a player, you should be in another business!

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