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Jared Cook

If impending free agent TE Jared Cook is not franchise tagged, he might be the type of player Chip Kelly and the Philadelphia Eagles target in free agency.

The Titans have until Monday to tag Cook and there has been strong speculation that they will.  However, it hasn’t happened as of this writing and there is certainly no guarantee that it will.

Interestingly, Cook has prepared an argument to be tagged as a wide receiver instead of as a tight end, which would cost Tennessee more money and possibly stop them from applying the tag.  This is because he was flexed out as a wide receiver (mostly in the slot) 57% of the time last season, according to a Tweet from Ian Rapoport.

Cook, a former third-round pick in 2009, has excellent size (6′ 5′, 246 lbs), speed (sub 4.5 40) and athleticism (impressive combine performance).  In his four year career, he has 131 catches for 1,717 yards and eight touchdowns.

In four seasons with the Titans, Cook has suffered through instability at the QB position where he’s played with Vince Young, Matt Hasselbeck and Jake Locker.  He’s also had two head coaches with differing schemes.

Those are possible reasons as to why he hasn’t quite lived up to expectations, but he is still viewed as a talented player and the Titans don’t really want to lose him.

Geoff Mosher of CSNPhilly noted a little while back that he learned that Chip Kelly plans to “stockpile” the tight end position.  Mosher, by the way, was the first to “learn” that the Eagles would sign Dennis Dixon well before it actually happened.

If Kelly does indeed want to stockpile tight ends, Cook could certainly be on his radar.

Last season, Kelly’s tight end in Oregon (Colt Lyerla) caught just 25 passes for 392 yards, but scored six touchdowns.  Perhaps more interestingly, seven of those catches for 69 yards and five touchdowns occurred in the most important area of the field…the red zone.

With his size and athleticism, Cook could become an excellent red zone option for the Eagles.  He caught five passes for 44 yards and two scores last season in that area of the field.  While that’s not overly impressive, we could make the case he was misused in Tennessee or that he at least has the potential to be a key contributor.

The Eagles already have a pretty good tight end in Brent Celek, but he is not on the athletic level that Cook is nor does he offer Cook’s versatility.  Kelly has used his tight ends as an H-back at times and with Cook’s ability to line up in the slot or on the outside, he could offer Kelly all kinds of options.

If we’ve learned one thing about Kelly so far, it’s that he definitely loves versatile players.

Cook could still end up being tagged or the Titans could make a strong move to keep him.  The problem, as always, is money.  That could also be the problem for the Eagles as well.

I don’t see the Eagles shelling out big bucks for a tight end when they already have a solid starter in Celek.  Cook would be viewed more as a luxury so he’d have to come at the right price.

However, if he makes it to free agency and he’s not demanding a mega-deal, I could certainly see the Eagles being interested.

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4 Responses to Could Eagles Have Interest in Free Agent TE Jared Cook?

  1. Headliner says:

    Dave, I was wondering. Have you read that Chip Kelley’s offensive line scheme is very basic? I read that somewhere while searching around for ddetails of his offensive logic. I remember being excited for Danny Watkins while reading that Kelly’s linemen only have to count the defenders on his side of the Center and make his blocks according to the final number. No offense, but I think you could really do some justice with that. I respect your opinion and would really be curious to know what you think about this kid making a comeback under different coaching.

    • Hey Headliner – Thanks for the compliment. You may have read that right here…It was a link I included in an article not too long ago. If this wasn’t where you read it, check it out, it’s a good read on Kelly’s offensive philosophy.

      I’ve been thinking about doing a piece on Danny Watkins because I have a little “inside info” on him. Nothing huge, but something defintely worth noting about the guy and whether or not he has a future in the NFL. Talent-wise, I think he has the tools to be very good, especially in Kelly’s offense. We shall see.

  2. Bee Gal 99 says:

    Since I heard Cook was to become a FA, I’ve been saying that the Iggles need to bring this guy in here. Celek’s not the problem, but he’s also not the answer. I like Kelly’s appreciation of the TE, ala Belicheat. Along with Harbor and Celek, Cook would round out a nice unit. Harbor’s true value is as an H-back, been saying it since his first rookie camp. I think of an offensive alignment with Celek and Cook in the slot, Harbor motioned out of the backfield, with Vick running a read option to Shady, Jackson burning down the sideline.

    • I like how you think Bee Gal! Cook would expand Chip’s playbook with several “options” 😉

      I really do think the Eagles will have interest in him, it’s going to come down to dollars and cents. Is Cook looking to break the bank or will he be more reasonable? If he’s on the reasonable side, I fully expect the Eagles to express interest and try to lure him in.

      Kelly has used H-Backs before in Oregon, which may be why he wants to stockpile tight ends. There was also a rumor that he’s interested in Houston’s James Casey. Should be interesting to see what he does.

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