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Jared Cook


The Philadelphia Eagles have enough holes to fill and money to spend to be serious players in free agency once again.  Recently I wrote about targets, rumors and philosophy when it comes the Eagles’ plan, so now I’m throwing out my ideal scenario.

We can all say with a certain amount of certainty that they will address the positions of CB and S and that they will likely address the DL.  They could be looking at OL and other random players that Chip Kelly likes for his scheme.

The main theme I’m sticking by in my ideal scenario is youth.  I have no interest whatsoever in older players, or players who are getting a little too close to starting the downside of their career.

We need younger guys who are hungry and/or have something to prove.

I don’t think the Eagles will realistically get, or even go for, all of the below players.  But, they’re players I either hope they’re considering or are rumored to be interested in that I agree with getting.

My 5 ideal players:

CB Greg Toler, 6′ 192 lbs,  28 years old – He’s a physical corner capable of playing press or zone and isn’t afraid to mix it up.  He was a fourth round pick in 2009 and worked his way into the starting lineup by his second year.

Sean Smith has been the main guy the Eagles are rumored to be interested in.  Though he’s younger and bigger than Toler, I view him as inconsistent and a guy that’s just looking for a payday.

I’d be okay with Smith, but think Toler would be the better fit and would cost considerably less.

S Kenny Phillips, 6′ 2″ 217 lbs, 26 years old – Has injury history but has played very well when healthy.  His injury last season did not require surgery so there’s no reason not to expect him to be 100% in 2013.

If you missed it, I talked more about Phillips and why I’d want him right here.

Dashon Goldson is the guy most rumored to be on the Eagles’ radar.  I’m okay with him, but he’ll be 29 at the start of the season and hitting the magical age of 30 in just his second season with the Eagles.

Plus, how much has Goldson benefited from playing behind a stud front-7 in San Fran?  Phillips is younger and has much more upside.

TE Jared Cook, 6′ 5″ 248 lbs, 25 years old – Versatile and athletic player that Chip Kelly can use in numerous ways.  I’m sure the Eagles will be interested in him, the only question is how much they’re willing to pay him.

I also talked about Cook a little more in length right here.

The alternate plan would be James Casey from Houston.  Another player with the versatility Kelly likes, but like Goldson, will turn 29 at the beginning of the season.

NT Terrance Knighton, 6′ 3″ 330 lbs, 26 years old –  He played in a 4-3 but did play some 0-technique as well.  He has the size to play the traditional NT and also offers some versatility.

The Eagles have not been linked to Knighton in any rumors, he’s just someone who stands out as a good target to man the traditional NT position for the Eagles’ new scheme.

DE/NT Ricky Jean-Francois, 6′ 3″ 295 lbs, 26 years old – He played the NT, RE and LE positions in San Fran’s 3-4 scheme.  Versatile guy who will have some interest on the open market.

The Eagles have been linked to being interested in RJF but they’ll likely have some competition for him.

Those are my top five players for the Eagles in free agency because they all have a good blend of youth and talent, but will also not break the bank (or at least, shouldn’t).  Cook would be the most expensive player on that list while the others should be manageable contracts.

The Eagles have been rumored to be interested in OT Eric Winston, I just didn’t mention him here in my top five because I see the other guys as more of a need than an offensive tackle.

Besides, if we’re talking about my ideal scenario, Luke Joeckel will be our pick at No. 4 and therefore we wouldn’t need Winston.

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6 Responses to 5 Free Agents the Philadelphia Eagles Should Consider

  1. sean says:

    It is amazing how bad the Eagles need wide reciever help…You cant see that AR has dumb down the mass media there that is for sure the Eagles got to Draft a wide out in the first round big time…

    • You might be right there Sean…apparently the Eagles are interested in Danny Amendola. But he’s not the “big frame” you’d be looking for, right?

  2. InsultComicDog (@InsultComicDog) says:

    Pretty good list. I could go along with that plan.

    • Thanks…if things panned out that way, it would make the draft much easier to take the “best player on the board” approach.

  3. Fábio Campos says:

    Hey Dave,

    the best list I’ve seen so far. They are all young, productive, meet a need of the team, and no need to break the bank for them.

    Great job man!

    • Thanks! I’m sure these are the positions they’re going to address, I just hope they look at these guys in particular.

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