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The 2013 NFL offseason is officially underway, and If you’re like me, you’re experiencing some serious football withdrawal right about now.  After suffering through the first weekend without it, I had to quickly find the key dates of the offseason so I have things to look forward to.

Fortunately for the die-hard football fans, the NFL is damn near a year-round event.  And in between placing bets on the Kentucky Derby or reading ESPN, there are still some exciting things to look forward to in order to whet our NFL appetites.

Plus, the offseason is when teams get down to work as far as building the most important aspect of their organization: the roster.

So, mark your calendars, here are the key dates to remember and look forward to for the next few months:

February 18th through March 4th: Time frame for teams to designate their franchise player

February 20th – 26th – The NFL Combine

March 9th – 11th – Teams can officially start negotiating with unrestricted free agents from other teams (new rule this year)

March 12th at 4:00pm ET – Free agency begins

March 17th – 20th – Annual NFL League Meeting (why do I mention this?  It’s a big time for deals/trades to be made)

April 25th – 27th – The NFL Draft

**There will also be a time period/deadline where teams have to tender their restricted free agents.  I can’t seem to find the deadline date for this year, but last year I’m fairly sure it coincided with the beginning of the free agency period.

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