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Jeff Lurie and the Philadelphia Eagles are doing their due diligence in regards to interviewing multiple candidates for their vacant head coaching position.  That sounds like the best thing to do, right?

In the real world, yes, that is the best thing to do when hiring an employee.  But in the NFL world, it’s usually best to identify a target, research him, and move quickly to snag him before a competitor does.

As evidenced by Chip Kelly, due diligence be damned.  If Kelly would have said “yes” to the Eagles, they would have hired him before interviewing the rest of their so-called candidates.  If you haven’t heard by now, Kelly is officially returning to Oregon.

The Eagles only interviewed Mike Nolan, Keith Armstrong, Bill O’Brien and Doug Marrone to kill time and satisfy the Rooney Rule while waiting for Kelly.  However, there probably was at least some real interest in O’Brien on the Eagles’ behalf, but he never seemed like a serious candidate.

So, make no mistake, there may be some due diligence, but not when you’re locked in to someone being your guy.

As of now, there are no more college coaches in the mix for a head coaching position.  The remaining five teams looking for a head coach will now shift all their attention to NFL coordinators and assistants.

From Day 1, my top two guys have been, and will remain, Mike McCoy and Gus Bradley.

The Eagles interviewed McCoy yesterday and reports said it lasted somewhere around two or three hours.  Seems like a breeze compared to Chip Kelly’s roughly seven or eight-hour interview.

There is nothing out there as of right now to report how the interview went, so I’m not sure if that’s good, bad, or indifferent.  McCoy is still employed by Denver so it’s not surprising there aren’t reports saying things went great and he’ll be the Eagles’ next coach.

The same will be true with Gus Bradley.  He is still employed by Seattle but is supposed to interview with the Eagles this week.  We probably won’t hear much about how that went either, but you never know.

I’m glad that Kelly chose to stay at Oregon, I just ultimately thought his chances for being a huge bust were significantly higher than being a success…at least in his first stint as a head coach.

Along with Bradley, the Eagles are supposed to interview Bruce Arians and Jay Gruden this week.  Neither candidate is of interest to me and I’lll be disappointed if we choose one of them over McCoy or Bradley.

Arians is the better choice over Gruden, but his age and health could become an issue.

At this point, I’m solely focused on McCoy and Bradley.  Those two guys have the best combination of track record and youth (aka, “up and coming”).

If you want McCoy, you’re likely in the mindset that you feel we need someone to develop Nick Foles and build an offense that is suitable to the personnel we have.

If you want Bradley, you’re likely in the mindset that we need to get back to the days of dominating defense.

Who do you want?

In case you’re interested in reading more about Bradley and McCoy (or why I really didn’t want Kelly), you can check out the below articles.  They’re listed in chronological order…

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6 Responses to With Chip Kelly Out of the Way, the Eagles Should Focus on McCoy or Bradley

  1. Wesley Norman says:

    At first I wasn’t too thrilled about the prospect of hiring McCoy but he has grown on me the last few days and I think he would be exactly what we need. McCoy is not a one trick pony…he can adjust and adapt! That would certainly be a welcome addition after years of the stubbornness and reluctance to change of Reid and MM. He would know how to properly scheme our offense to best utilize our personnel.

    Gus Bradley excites me as well. From everything I’ve read about him his players love him to death and give everything they have for him. He’s also not afraid to lay into guys that are not doing there job….that would have been a welcome site on the sidelines this year especially! My question with hiring Gus is who will run the offense? Since he has been a DC for a few years now I’m sure he has an idea on who would be good fits to run an offense based on who he found the hardest to scheme for. My other concern is when a defensive minded coach is hired there’s the risk of there being a merry-go-round at OC due to that OC not working out or doing good enough to get HC looks. This scares me bc with a young QB having a new offense every few years isn’t ideal. SF and the Jets come to mind. Hopefully this wouldn’t be the case.

    • Hey Wes, I do think it’s an easier structure to have an offensive-minded HC who can develop QB’s and then put in a strong DC to run that side. This worked for Andy Reid and Jim Johnson and I liked that structure.

      With a defensive HC, it may be more challenging to find the right guy to run the offensive side of things. However, there’s no reason it can’t work, as long as the right people were hired.

      I’ll be extremely happy with either Gus or Mike. My heart says Gus, my head says Mike.

  2. Fábio Campos says:

    Hey Dave,

    first of all, thank God Kelly is Out.

    To be honest I was all in about Mike McCoy but now I am really impressive about what I read and saw about Gus Bradley. This guy really seems to have something special.

    I’ll be very happy with either one.

    great coverage in this period of selection of the new coach. really good man.

    • Hey Fabio – thanks man, and I agree about Kelly. I’m not sure what the fascination is with college coaches…the overwhelming majority of them fail at their first stint as an NFL HC, especially if they have no NFL experience.

      Both Bradley and McCoy should get serious consideration, and both appeal to me for very different reasons. Tough choice!

  3. Tim says:

    Arians was 9-3 as a head coach for the Colts this season when filling in. The real coach went 2-2. I think that speaks for itself.


    • Hey Tim, so are you saying Arians is your top choice? He did a commendable job in Indy and was a decent OC in Pittsburgh. With that said, he’s 3rd on my list behind McCoy and Bradley.

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