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As if things surrounding the Philadelphia Eagles’ search for their next head coach couldn’t get any crazier, the fact that Chip Kelly did an about-face and decided to leave Oregon after all is something of a shocker.

However, what was going on in the 24 hours prior to announcing Kelly as coach?

Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk posted this article today titled “Short list of defensive coordinator candidates in Philly possibly sends bad message.”

In the article, he referenced an article posted on PhiladelphiaEagles.com about “leading candidates to become the team’s next defensive coordinator.”  The article Florio was referencing has since been taken down from PE.com.

Apparently, the article was saying that two college defensive coordinators by the names of Todd Grantham and Dan Quinn were being looked at as candidates.

I ran a Google search with the names of these defensive coordinators and an article posted on PhiladelphiaEagles.com does come up.  It is/was titled: “Who Will Lead the Defense?” and written by Patrick Wall.

It was, in fact, taken down.  Here is the actual link, so you can view how it resolves by clicking it and seeing the title.

The next obvious questions are:

1. Why on earth were the Eagles looking at potential coordinators when they hadn’t even hired a head coach yet?

2. Are they (the Eagles) actually thinking that the they, not the next head coach, will be who hires the coordinators?

3. Were/are they candidates mentioned by Kelly, Bradley or Whisenhunt (Bradley, most likely)?

4. Was it a “mistake” by PE.com to post that article?

I was working on writing this when, out of left field, it was announced that Chip Kelly was the new head coach.  Florio noted that Quinn, in particular, had previously worked for Bradley in Seattle so that could be the tie-in there.

Were the PE.com writers doing an article on them because they were under the impression that Bradley was getting the job?  Then it was mistakenly posted before something changed…aka…Chip Kelly came back into the mix unexpectedly?

Interesting food for thought.  I’m sure this will be forgotten about soon and looked at as not a big deal, I just thought it was interesting.

I’m wondering what changed Chip Kelly’s mind because it certainly seemed as though the Eagles were gearing up for something else.

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