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Michael Vick

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While everyone else has been getting ready for some serious Super Bowl 47 betting, we Philadelphia Eagles fans have been wondering what fate awaits Michael Vick.

For the past month or two, it has been thought that the Eagles would make a decision regarding the future of Vick by Feb. 6th, thanks to a clause in his contract that guarantees him $3 million if he’s on the roster past that date.

However, after a few reports about the Eagles not likely to be making a decision by then, Jeff McLane cleared it up by reporting that they have some wiggle room regarding that $3 million.

Apparently nobody read the fine print in the contract.  It seems that yes, Vick will be guaranteed that money, but the Eagles might not be the ones who have to pay it.

If they end up cutting him, the Eagles would only be on the hook for that money if Vick either didn’t sign with another team or if he signed somewhere for less than $3 million.  And if he signed for less than $3 million, the Eagles would only be responsible for the difference.

Since that’s the case, there is no harm in not forcing a decision to cut him by Feb. 6th.

However, it is merely delaying the inevitable.  Vick should and most likely will be cut at some point, probably in March.  I’ve seen enough of him over the past two seasons to have already made my decision to move on without him.

There is absolutely no reason to keep him.  None.  Nada.  Zero.  Zilch.

I’m not even going to get into the reasons why we shouldn’t keep him.  I’m sure you are well aware as to what those reasons are and if you’ve watched him play over the past two seasons, that’s all the evidence you need.

There are only two scenarios in which Vick could remain in Philly, though both are a serious stretch at this point.

One would be as the backup.  I seriously doubt Vick would be willing to do that, but it’s possible that he could get a sense that he won’t land a starting job anywhere else and therefore have to swallow his pride and resolve himself to the backup phase of his career.

The other scenario would be if Chip Kelly ultimately decides that there is no other quarterback — who is available this year — that he is enamored with so he decides to “take a flier” on Vick for a year while he waits for better options to become available (or gives a rookie a year to develop).

I just can’t see Kelly assessing Vick’s game tape from 2011 and 2012 and saying to himself “yes, he’s the guy I want running my offense.”

At best it would be “Since I couldn’t trade for Joe Webb, missed out on E.J. Manuel, Nick Foles retired after one season, JaMarcus Russell chose the Jets, and I couldn’t convince my Grandma-ma to play, I guess I’ll ride with Vick.

Vick was able to cash in after his electrifying run in 2010, but hasn’t done much since.  Vick supporters will point to other factors in his decline, most notably the offensive line.  For me, though, I’ve seen enough to conclude we will never win with him.

I’d much rather go with Foles or a QB yet to be named.  At least with them there is the element of the unknown that comes with it the hope that he will do better and possibly become “the guy” for the long term.

With Vick we know what we’re getting, and that’s just not good enough.

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