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Philadelphia Eagles fans were crazy with excitement in anticipation of the arrival of Gus Bradley for his second interview.  I mean, there were actually people tracking his flight and updating his whereabouts in the air as he was on his way.

Upon his arrival, there were people staked out by the North East Philly airport and taking pictures of him getting off the plane as if they were spies doing recon on their target.  Then, he was surveilled by helicopter on his way to Jeff Lurie’s house.

That’s how much Eagles fans care about this team.  They want a new coach and the vast majority of them want Gus Bradley, myself included.

I woke up this morning and saw a report from Reuben Frank stating the second meeting concluded with no deal.  I didn’t think I’d wake up and find out the Eagles “officially” had a new coach, but I thought I would be hearing things like “they’re working on a contract” or that it went well, etc.

In essence, I thought I’d be hearing positive things that pointed towards them inevitably reaching a deal.

However, that’s not the case (as of this writing) and now I feel a little concerned.  Bradley is supposed to interview with the Jaguars today and there has been no news of that being cancelled.

If he leaves Philly without a deal, that will pretty much mean Bradley will not be the next head coach.

This, of course, would be a huge disappointment.  In the name of due diligence, the Eagles have had a long, exhaustive head coaching search that, so far, has included interviews with 11 different candidates.

They’ve swung for the fences in the college coach arena only to strike out.  Now, at their next at-bat with NFL personnel, if they swing and miss on Bradley, that will make the Eagles look like the problematic organization that Jason La Canfora alluded to recently.

I rebuffed La Canfora’s article and a failure to land Bradley certainly wouldn’t mean he’s right, but it certainly would start giving the appearance that the Eagles just aren’t a place any top coaching prospect wants to go.

We’ll be left with the candidates nobody else is beating down the door to get: Ken Whisenhunt, Lovie Smith and, God forbid, Brian Billick.

To say this plainly, I will be pissed off and certainly disappointed if we don’t get Bradley.  He is not proven as a head coach yet, but Whiz, Smith and Billick have already had their shot.  I want to see what Bradley can accomplish.

In case you aren’t aware, I’ve been on the “Gus Bus” since before it became cool to say Gus Bus.  Bradley has been one of my two preferred choices since early December, and to come this far without getting him, would feel like being one digit short of winning the lottery.

Though missing out on Bradley would be my first disappointment, he would be the Eagles’ fourth miss.  When you start getting to your fifth option, it’s safe to say that what you set out to accomplish has become a failure.

**Update: Adam Schefter reported that Bradley will, in fact, head to Jacksonville today to interview with the Jags.

Not good Eagles fans, not good.

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