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Apparently, there are people who think Howie Roseman’s presence as the Philadelphia Eagles’ General Manager is hindering the coaching search.  Since they haven’t hired a head coach yet, it is starting to make some people question the attractiveness of the job and situation in Philly.

Basically, when you combine Roseman as the GM, the overhaul that needs to be done to the roster, questions at the QB position and a less-than-forgiving fan-base, nobody wants the job.

Consider recent articles by prominent members of sports media recently.  Dan Graziano, ESPN’s NFC East blogger, wrote this article a week ago where he called into question the attractiveness of the Eagles job after Chip Kelly decided to stay at Oregon.

Per the article, it sounds as if just because Kelly didn’t take the job, it “calls into question the desirability of the Eagles’ head coaching job.”  He then goes on to list reasons why it might not be attractive (I alluded to those reasons above).

Then, just today, Graziano reiterates what he meant by that article right here.  And, as we’ll get to below, he says one of the reasons Philly isn’t enticing is due to Roseman and the power structure.

Lurie has stated that Roseman and the new coach will report directly to him.  Therefore, he’s saying that Roseman will not be the new coach’s boss.  Rather, the two will have to work together, but likely more as “support” for the new coach.

That’s what it sounds like to me.  After pointing out what Lurie stated, Graziano goes on to say the new coach will have “limited, if any” say in the roster construction.

How do you go from the coach will report to the owner and, at the least, “work with” Roseman to basically having no say in the roster?  That’s ridiculous.  Of course the new coach will have say in how the roster will be built.

There are certainly logical concerns any potential head coach would have, but why would you even start to think this way after a few college coaches decide to stay in school?

Then, Bob Ford over at wrote a piece about the same thing, except he was mainly comparing the current situations of each franchise with a head coaching vacancy.  However, Ford was mainly using roster reasons for the perceived attractiveness of the job.

But again, what spurred him to write that particular piece?  It was either because it is taking a while to fill the position or because they’ve had three college head coaches turn down the job.

To get even further into potential reasoning in regards to why the Eagles haven’t hired a coach yet is this article from CBS Sports’ Jason La Canfora.  This is a tasty little nugget to chew on…

Quote from La Canfora’s article:

Rather, very different chatter has been growing in NFL circles for weeks. What’s up with the Eagles job? Why don’t guys want it? What are their concerns?

I wish I had a dollar for every time someone told me one esteemed coach or another advised one of the Eagles’ top candidates not to take the job precisely because of Roseman’s presence there. Roseman isn’t the general manager they should tie their wagon to.

The rumblings about Roseman lacking nuance and foresight, about him turning people off with how drunk with power he’s become, only grow louder as his coaching search grows stranger.

This is a strong statement from someone who supposedly has good sources in NFL circles.

If true, this is something that Jeff Lurie would really have to consider and perhaps re-evaluate the current structure.  However, that will not happen this year.  Lurie will give Roseman at least one or two more years to prove himself.

Therefore, there’s no point debating about whether he should or will get fired any time soon.

I’d rather debate the validity of the assertion that Roseman is “coach-blocking” the Eagles.

I’m sure La Canfora stated that based on what he heard from a source (or multiple sources), but what actual evidence do we have of it?  The Eagles have been turned down by three college coaches, that’s what we know.

Is that the concern?  Were Chip Kelly, Bill O’Brien and Brian Kelly all advised to not take the Philly job because of Roseman and the perceived power structure there?

I say that’s possible, but if so, I’d certainly love to know the context of such discussion.  Look, all three guys have great positions right now and all three guys most likely never really wanted to leave school.

If they were talking to people and looking for advice, and gave the impression that they weren’t sure about leaving school (or perhaps they were looking for reasons to not take an NFL job), people may have pointed out the recent changes within the Eagles’ organization and Roseman’s lack of football experience.

Then, things can get embellished and speculated on (like we all do).  This, in their minds, was enough to feel comfortable turning down a pro job.  Because, someone gave them a “good reason” to.

See what I’m saying?  And that’s only if what La Canfora said is even true.

If the two Kellys and O’Brien had chosen a different NFL team over the Eagles, that would make me more likely to believe that Roseman is a true hinderance.  They chose to stay where they were because they just weren’t ready to come to the NFL.

I don’t think Roseman or the current state of the Eagles’ situation had any real bearing on their decisions.  And we can’t forget the fact that at least two, if not all three guys, received significant pay raises after talking to the Eagles.

The possibility that these guys used the Eagles to inflate their bank account is not far-fetched.

People love to bash Roseman because he doesn’t come from a football background.  I guess I’m in the minority here, but since he’s been GM I haven’t seen anything that screams “idiot”.  I’ve seen a lot of wheelin’ and dealin’ though…and that’s his job.

What kind of say he’s had in the draft picks and free agent acquisitions is unknown, but widely debated about.

There were rumors back when Roseman first became the GM that other teams didn’t want to deal with him for various reasons including arrogance, non-football guy, etc etc.  That proved to be ridiculous as well given how many deals he has brokered since then.

Numerous draft day trades and player signings and trades show that teams do, in fact, deal with him.

The fact of the matter is that nobody truly knows what the power structure and decision-making will be.  Lurie has made it clear that Roseman will not be the new coach’s boss and Roseman has basically said that they have a supportive atmosphere for a head coach.

Sounds to me that the way the Eagles envision running the organization is by committee.  Or, what I think is more likely, that the new coach will come in with a plan and Roseman will support him in that plan and help put it in place.

That means if the coach says we’re doing X, Y and Z and I need players X, Y and Z, Howie goes out to get them and tries to make it happen.  I could be wrong, but that’s how I see it right now.

Another part of this whole equation is that some folks are starting to think the Eagles are desperate and have no direction because they’re interviewing everyone under the sun.

However, that certainly does not mean they’re floundering.

My best guess is this…

They targeted Chip Kelly, Bill O’Brien and Brian Kelly as their top three choices.  If one of them would have agreed, the Eagles would already have their head coach.

To boot, the NFL coordinators and other personnel they have targeted were in the playoffs so the Eagles couldn’t hire them yet anyway.  Therefore, they were free to focus on the three college guys while their NFL targets were unavailable.

I fully expect a coach to be hired this week.  They’re slated to interview Jay Gruden and Bruce Arians this week.  Also, per Jay Glazer, the Eagles’ interview with Gus Bradley on Saturday went “great” and he expects the Eagles to bring him in for a second interview this week.

Furthermore, there are still four other teams without a head coach still.  Why isn’t anyone questioning their attractiveness?

The Eagles don’t have a great situaton for a coach to enter into, but most coaches love a challenge.  The Eagles will certainly be just that.

I fully expect them to name their next head coach within a week.

(Gus Bradley, please)

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