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If you haven’t actually seen or heard Philadelphia Eagles head coaching candidates Mike McCoy or Gus Bradley, you can watch a few videos below so you can get a better feel for their personalities.

If you’re like me, you get most of your news via the Internet and Twitter…in the written word.  I’m always reading and researching, but I don’t spend much time watching actual video on the Internet, or tuning in to NFL Network or ESPN on television for news.

However, when it comes to looking at coaching candidates, it seems to me it’s worthwhile to look at more than the written word and career statistics.  You can sometimes get a better feel for people by listening to them talk.

Obviously, what people say on camera can sometimes be completely different than how they are in real life, but it helps in some regard.

If you’ve been reading my recent articles, you’ll know that my top two head coaching candidates are Broncos OC Mike McCoy and Seattle’s DC Gus Bradley, and have been since the beginning of December when I started researching potential replacements for Andy Reid.

Chip Kelly has been the hot name, and I have my reservations about him, but he appears more likely to sign with Cleveland at this point.  Since this development, Mike McCoy and Gus Bradley are picking up steam in the buzz mill.

Mike McCoy

Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Everything that I’ve read about McCoy has led me to believe that he is an even-keeled, doesn’t-get-overly-emotional kind of guy.  He almost sounds Andy Reid-ish in that he doesn’t call out players publicly, will take the blame, etc etc.

In essence, he’s not a “rah rah” guy, but is a guy who knows what he’s doing and is able to get the best out of his players.  The key word when thinking about McCoy is “adaptability.”  As in, he is capable of adapting his offensive scheme to best fit whatever personnel he has.

Here is a recent video of him talking about his potential head coaching opportunities (courtesy of DenverBroncos.com).  After watching it, I came away feeling that his on-air personality matches what I’ve read about him:

Click here for a six minute video (can’t embed because it’s from the Broncos’ official web site)

He does talk about being able to amend his scheme to fit his personnel, which serves as the top reason why people like him, myself included.  Another thing he says that is important is that he will not just take any job, it has to be the right fit.

This means that he’s confident in what he wants to do and he needs to be assured that falls in line with a potential suitor.  If not, he’ll look elsewhere.

He talks of a plan he’s been accruing over the course of his career and has an organizational vision of what he wants when he becomes a head coach.  His demeanor in the interview comes off as direct and professional, with a slight bit of personality mixed in.

He does sound like a young Andy Reid, and that’s a good thing (the 1999 to 2004 Andy Reid).  However, I wonder if Jeff Lurie and crew will see that in him and get scared off because he’s too similar to Reid.

Hopefully not, because the key difference between them is that McCoy understands that he needs to build his scheme around his players, not force his players to fit his scheme.

Gus Bradley

Photo: blog.seahawks.com

In my research on Gus Bradley, I came away thinking that he was apparently a “happy” guy, as in he coaches by using positive reinforcement-type methods rather than a “get in your face” method.

This is what a local beat writer wrote about Bradley back in September:

Do you ever have a bad day?

The man’s blood type is sunshine. He’s more energetic and positive than even Pete Carroll. Every day seems like his favorite. He is carpe diem in a cap and goatee.

“When you’re coaching football and you enjoy it this much, it’s tough to have a bad day,” Bradley said after practice last week. “I know it sounds overboard and positive, but it really is. It’s hard to be down out here.”

And I would have agreed with that assessment after watching this recent press conference…

Click here to watch Bradley talking about the upcoming game against the Redskins (via Seahawks.com, cannot embed).

However, then I came across this video that shows another side of Bradley…the “off-camera/on-field side (skip to the 2-minute mark)…

That is enough to get you fired up about him!  That’s what Philly wants in its head coach, right?  After 14 years of Reid, we want a guy that’s gonna cuss at you and get in your face!

However, below is a good video interview with Bradley when he first became the defensive coordinator in Seattle.  The best part is him talking about accountability.  He obviously holds that as a strong virtue.

Click here for interview with Gus Bradley (via Seahawks.com, cannot embed).

He basically says that it’s the coach’s responsibility to put a plan together and make sure every player is on the same page.  Once he’s convinced of that, he holds everyone accountable for their play and if they’re not cutting it, it’s on to the next guy.

Furthermore, if you need something else to help with your optimism about Bradley, consider what the great Monte Kiffin had to say about him when he spoke with Jim Mora about hiring Bradley as his DC back in 2009:

Mora explained it this way in 2009: “Monte says, ‘J.L., listen to me. I have got a guy here in Tampa that is one of, if not, the finest football coaches I have ever worked with. He’s an A-plus. He’s a once-in-a-lifetime coach. You need to talk to him.’ He said, ‘J.L., this guy is special. You have to bring him in.’ “

That is a tremendous endorsement from one of the greatest defensive minds in football.

After reading all this, you might find yourself all-of-a-sudden wanting Bradley as your top choice.  It does impress me as well, but I still think McCoy might be the better overall selection.

I really like both of these guys, but I give the edge to McCoy because we need someone who can work with Nick Foles.  I think it’s easier to hire a guy who can groom quarterbacks and let him hand over the defense to a good coordinator rather than the opposite.

However, I’d be happy with either guy.


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4 Responses to Getting to Know Mike McCoy and Gus Bradley: Video and Opinion

  1. Jim Nic says:

    Hey Dave,

    Been a long time since I responded to one of your articles… Growing up in Philly, but now living in the Denver area (still bleed green though), I’ve got the best of both worlds (NFC/AFC). Your assessment of McCoy is on target, the guy is a realist & he is also a chameleon… he adapts to his situation… That’s smart football!

    Having seen most of the Bronco games this year; I’d put my money on McCoy, as the Eagles new CIC. I don’t know Bradley’s abilities all that much; although the things I’ve read, say he’s good. But all the others… Kelly, the Grudens, Cowher, Dungy, etc., fine coaches all, but it’s all media hype.

    Kelly – Borderlines on Guru vs Crazy.
    Jay Gruden – I think needs a little more experience.
    Jon Gruden – Well Chuckie’s… Chuckie!?
    Cowher – Would be great, some Eagles need to be chewed up & spit out, but I don’t think he really wants to coach anymore.
    Dungy – Great football mind… I like him, but he’d be too soft-spoken for our prima donnas.

    My take: Bring in McCoy & whomever he wants for his staff; then release or trade 40% to 50% of this years’ team… And please… For the defensive secondary… GET SOME GUYS THAT AREN’T AFRAID TO HIT SOMEBODY OR TACKLE FOR REAL!

    I know… bring in B. Dawk as the D’s secondary coach!

    • Hey Jim, good to hear from you! Ah, so you have an up-close view of McCoy, that’s good that you’re impressed with him then…he’s definitely in the mix to come here. My main reasons for wanting him here are his adaptability and how he gets the best out of his QBs. We need someone who can develop Foles.

      Although, as stated above…Bradley is growing on me more and more every day. I think his personality will appeal to the Philly fan base more than McCoy’s, though that doesn’t mean anything in regards to winning.

      I’m not interested in Jay Gruden or any retread head coach. I really hope it’s McCoy or Bradley.

      And I agree, I think they’ll be overhauling at least 30 – 40% of the roster with the secondary getting changed the most.

  2. darnell says:

    Hey dude. Hawks fan here. Gus Bradey is a great coach and a star in the making, though I would hate to lose him as a DC, I hope he gets a HC job soon as he deserves it.

    Think of someone you know that is all positivity, happy-go-lucky but if need be turns into the baddest man around. That’s coach Bradley.

    This link is from just after the draft, coming of a season where the Hawks D was pretty good prior to this season where it became elite.

    Brock Huard calls Bradley as a future HC and there is a solid 10 minute interview with Gus as well.


    • Hey Darnell, that’s good stuff man, thanks! The more I hear and read about Bradley, the more I’m starting to want him. He’s been in my top 2 HC candidates from day 1. And Seattle’s performance on D against the Redskins certainly solidified Bradley.

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