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According to a Tweet from Albert Breer of NFL Network, the Eagles will be meeting with Gus Bradley today in Atlanta.  It was reported last week that the they were granted permission to interview him this week, and today would be the last day they could do it.

Then, there is this report from the Chicago Tribune saying that the Eagles have a second meeting scheduled with Notre Dame coach Brian Kelly.  There had been speculation or rumors that the two sides would meet again after Kelly’s brief vacation.

Apparently, that’s happening this weekend.

Possibly conflicting with Breer’s report is another report from Garry Cobb via twitter, it says that Jeff Lurie’s private plane is in Chicago today and suggests that he is there to meet with Kelly.  This was also mentioned in that Chicago Tribune article.

Sounds like it’s going to be a busy day for Lurie and crew.  If he’s in Chicago now, and is supposed to be in Atlanta to interview Bradley, he’ll certainly be under a timeline.  No eight-hour lunches with this Kelly today.

There is also a possibility that one of these reports is wrong, or that the Lurie crew has split up today.  However, having one of the Lurie triumvirate not present at an interview would seem counterproductive.

It’s worth mentioning that Adam Schefter has now backed-up Breer’s report saying the Eagles will interview Bradley today.  It’s certainly possible that they’re in Chicago now with Kelly, and will fly to Atlanta later to meet with Bradley.

It’s also possible that the second Kelly interview will be tomorrow, because the report technically says it’s supposed to happen “this weekend.”  We’re just assuming today because of the report about the location of Lurie’s plane.

Maybe he’s just dropping Lovie off? (I kid, of course)

So, what does all this mean?  Well, nothing yet.  The interview with Bradley has been expected and the Eagles have an obvious fixation with college coaches.

The second interview with Brian Kelly is probably the most significant news since the mass hysteria regarding the Chip Kelly pursuit.  A second interview usually signifies strong mutual interest.

Unless the Eagles pull out a candidate from left field, it appears they’re top two targets right now are these guys — Bradley and Kelly.  I have nothing against Kelly, but I hope he decides to return to Notre Dame.

Right now, I’m driving the Gus Bus and it’s full speed ahead.

* Quick update I saw after initially posting this:

The decision on Kelly is expected to come within the next 24 hours per this report from Pete Thamel of Sports Illustrated (via PhiladelphiaEagles.com).


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