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Either by action or inaction, Jeff Lurie and the Philadelphia Eagles will provide us with a clue as to who has moved up to the top of their preferred head coaching list.  If you’re a Mike McCoy or Gus Bradley fan, the current football playoff odds say that Bradley will be available after this weekend.

Therefore, you will want them to at least make it into the weekend still coach-less.

The Eagles have already interviewed McCoy and will be interviewing Bradley along with Jay Gruden and Bruce Arians this week sometime.

The key here is, since the Bengals and Colts have each lost their respective playoff game, both Arians and Gruden are free to be hired…not just interviewed.

Since Arians and Gruden are now officially available, allow me to state the obvious: If neither of them are hired after their interview, it will indicate that the Eagles’ preferred choice is still coaching in the playoffs.

In other words, we’ll see how aggressive they are in going after Gruden or Arians.  If they truly want one of them, they’ll make a serious push for him.  Of course, the interest has to be mutual, but word would leak out if they offer one of them a contract.

If not, that would mean either McCoy or Bradley could be their top target.  Or, another name could materialize from a different playoff team (Greg Roman, perhaps?).  Either way, if we go into the weekend still without a coach, keep a close eye on the Denver and Seattle games.

If one of those teams loses, things should start to heat up.  However, if Seattle wins, that will mean the two candidates the Eagles interviewed on the Falcons would be available: Mike Nolan and Keith Armstrong.

Then we’ll see how interested they actually are in them as well.

The playoffs always complicate matters since teams have to wait for a candidate to become free to hire.  In the meantime, they assuredly get nervous while watching other potential candidates sign with other teams.

All of us wish we knew what Jeff Lurie and crew are thinking.  But since we don’t, we have to learn by process of elimination as to whom they might be most interested in.

If Arians or Gruden are not hired by the weekend, we can pretty much eliminate them as candidates.

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