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Andy Reid and Nick Foles

Is Andy Reid making moves in order to remain head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles in 2013?  I’m sure nobody really wants to hear this, or even think about it, but there is a scenario brewing that could ultimately keep Reid in Philly…

Let’s take into consideration the following things:

  • Reid’s son passes away during training camp
  • Injuries have decimated the offensive line to a point where any offense would struggle
  • DeSean Jackson out for the year
  • Michael Vick knocked out and probably won’t return
  • Juan Castillo was fired
  • Jason Babin released
  • Now Jim Washburn has been fired
  • Nick Foles has progressed each week and is coming off of a good performance in Dallas
  • Bryce Brown looks exciting (sans the fumbles)

There are a few ways to look at the recent moves Reid has made.  Reid has either finally admitted to himself the mistakes he made and is correcting them, is under pressure from Jeff Lurie to make changes, is making these moves in a desperation attempt to save his job, or is doing these people a favor by sparing them the carnage at the end of the season.

Out of those possibilities, I think the most likely are that Reid is correcting his mistakes while getting some pressure from Lurie behind the scenes.  My question is whether or not Reid and Lurie are forming some sort of “compromise” or agreement.

Lurie painted himself in a corner by telling the world that 8-8 would be “unacceptable”, which insinuated that Reid would be fired unless the team was “substantially improved.”  The key word there is “insinuated.”

He never said that Reid would be fired and only said that he’d evaluate Reid’s contract after the 2012 season.  He also left himself a little loophole by saying that a “rash of injuries could excuse” another 8-8 season (or presumably worse).

Well, when you start counting up the injuries, the Eagles have had enough, especially along the offensive line.  A bad OL can derail the best of offenses.  Just look at Green Bay, Aaron Rodgers has looked like a mere mortal behind that line.

Then, Lurie could factor in the death of Reid’s son and determine it was a likely distraction for Reid all season.  I mean, how could it not be?

Furthermore, Reid has a reputation for being a quarterback guru.  While that could actually be debated these days, Lurie likely still sees it that way.  Nick Foles has shown some progress each week so far, even if it’s only minor progress.

Foles is coming off his best performance yet against Dallas.  If he continues to show this kind of improvement over the last four games, it’s quite possible that Lurie could feel as though it would be better for Reid to stay and develop him.

It’s also possible that Lurie could be telling Reid that he needs to start making some dramatic changes if he wants to stay around.  It could be something along the lines of:

“Hey Andy, I know you’re a good coach and have had some real problems this season, but I’m under tremendous pressure to fire you.  I don’t want to do that but something needs to give, serious changes need to be made.”

Reid has to admit that hiring Washburn before he hired a DC was a bad move, and then putting his OL coach in charge of the defense was an even worse move.  Those were the two biggest mistakes Reid has ever made in his coaching career and both have been corrected now, to a point.

There is one little caveat to the Washburn firing, and that is a report by Jeff McLane saying he had become a “cancer” since the team released Babin.  So, if that’s true, Washburn was fired because of that and nothing else (though it’s possible that Washburn’s attitude was the “last straw”).

In any event, this all might be a real stretch at this point and these moves are along the lines of too little, too late.  I still think the most likely thing that will happen is that Reid will be fired at the end of the season.

However, considering the things I’ve listed above, I’m just not as sure as I was a few weeks ago.

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10 Responses to The Perfect Storm to Keep Andy Reid in Philadelphia?

  1. Carl Crozier says:


    As an Eagles fan who has always supported Andy up until a few weeks ago, I too have started to simulate reason for the recent firings etc… It’s a shame that anyone would have to endure losing a child. I agree with what you say in hiring Juan and Wash were two of the biggest mistakes in his career, although I’d have to say not taking a year off to mourn the loss of his son has to be way up there.. How could anyone focus on a game after losing a child?? All your points are very valid in Andy coming back next year. Although I am not the consensus, I hope he does come back next year as I truly believe the fan experience will change if he does not.

    • Hey Carl, thanks for stopping in! I’ve been a Reid supporter in general, and I still think he’s a good coach. I agree that he should have taken much more time to mourn than he did, although its not unusual to see coaches deal with things like that in the way he has.

      I’m not sure I “hope” he’s back next year – because there are several things that bother me about him – but if he makes good changes with the coaching staff and players, I could probably handle him for one more go at it.

      The key, to me, is his decision making. If he can get back the fire he had when he first got here, he can get this team on a run. But, he has to bring in the best DC candidate possible, replace Mornhinweg with an OC who will utilize McCoy and now Bryce Brown, and completely revamp the secondary.

      He has to find a way to recapture the enthusiasm for this entire organization.

  2. Fábio Campos says:

    I think you may be right. The things are kind of weird these past few weeks.

    He has 1 more year on my contract, right? After 14, It doesnt surprise me If Lurie left him one more. As you said, he has all excuse in the world to be able to say that it was “unacceptable” but Reid will have one more shot.

    About Foles, I liked what I saw. if he isn´t the future franchise QB, I sure we have a solid back up for years. (which is not a tragedy for a 3rd round pick)

    one question, when will you start writing about Draft?

    nice read

    • Hey Fabio, yeah, Reid has one more year on his deal but it’s never good to have a head coach enter a season with it being the final year of his contract. He’ll either be fired or given at least a 1 year extension (to make it look like he’s not a “lame duck” coach).

      Foles is improving a little bit each week. He still has a ways to go but he’s doing well when you consider the circumstances.

      I won’t start writing about the draft until after the season is over and all the coaching situation gets sorted out. Gonna be interesting!

  3. mrt says:

    Let’s start next year with a new head coach

    and let him bring in a whole new staff.

  4. Ken Dowlin says:

    Andy Reid is a very good coach and probably the best couch the Eagles have ever had. He has done alot with this team but he is not a finisher nor a comefrom behind coach. He makes alot of questionable calls in crucial situations. example 4th and 15 and he calls a 5yard pass play or a running play. I think it is time for a change. Maybe a John Gruden or Bill Cowher

    • Agreed Ken, he does have his shortcomings. He’s frustrating because he can be good but then his flaws drive you nuts, he never seems to learn.

      I wouldn’t mind Gruden or Cowher, but I don’t see that happening. It’ll probably be a college coach or a current up and coming coordinator…*if* Andy leaves 😉

  5. Thomas says:

    Andy is a great guy but he is stuck in his ways. He never runs the ball when its needed sure brown look great but he is only running it so much becuz foles is still getting use to the nfl. I mean think people why are we just now seeing brown get touches when he was here all year as soon as foles gets up to speed u will see touches to the backs go down. It does not matter who the oc is its what andy does he runs the ball alot with back up qbs and rookies. Overall the pass heavy style is not a efficent way to play football its like a basketball team run and guns who cant play a half court game like the phoenix suns in nashes prime. Its hit or miss thats y we struggle in the redzone and can never run out of running formation not shot gun but a real run play it is why we lost the bowl and y we cant be as good as we should be. Also he tolerates players who dont tackle where other coaches would not and these are the basics running and tackling which leads me to believe the team does not focus on these things in practice which shows in games. His style can b fun to wtch but not efficent enough to keep up with the good teams. People wake up we have not won playoff game in 4yrs the last time we won was against the giants when jimmy johnson was alive. Its time for a change keep reid only if u cant land a proven coach but if someone good can come like gruden let andy go

    • I’m with ya Thomas, running the ball has long been a sore spot with Reid. I can’t understand why he doesn’t “get it” that our O looks much better when we run early in the game and consistently throughout. It drives me insane!

      *If* Andy leaves, we need a coach who will utilize McCoy and Brown effectively next year.

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