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For the Eagles Addict FF Winner!

I’m happy to announce that we already have a winner for the LeSean McCoy jersey!  After a competitive season, congratulations goes out to Kiss My Asomugh! (For the record, Nnamdi’s last name is spelled Asomugha…typo or purposeful?)

Either way, Kiss My will be receiving his new McCoy jersey in the mail in the not-too-distant future.

Because he ends up playing a writer here at EA in the championship round, he automatically wins the prize.

If anybody wants to congratulate him…or throw some hate his way…you can do it here.  After all, there was certainly some luck involved!  Not to take anything away from our winner, but he got a little lucky in regards to matching up with teams on a given week…

He finished the regular season tied at 8th in total points scored.  How does someone ranked so low in scoring end up winning it all?  Well, he finished first in the category of points scored against him…aka, he had the lowest amount of points scored against him.

Therefore, he didn’t have to score a lot if every team he faced had a bad week, right?  So, sometimes it doesn’t matter if you have the highest scoring team because you may have a bad week at the wrong time.

However, Kiss My’s team stepped it up in last week’s big playoff win over Sack Me Maybe and scored 165.6 points — well over his 122-point per week average — against Sack Me’s 159.7.  It was a close match that came down to the wire in the Monday night game!

Doesn’t matter how he did it, he won it fair and square!  To steal a line from Al Davis: “Just win baby!”  And don’t worry Kiss My, I’m just bustin’ on you a little bit…some harmless end-of-season fantasy trash talk!

Hell, my team earned the honor of scoring the least amount of points this year.  Talk about your fantasy team taking a dump in the bed!

But, oh well…there’s always next year, right?  Eagles fans should be used to that saying!  And speaking of next year, I’ll be looking to do this again and expand it a little bit so be sure to keep an eye out!

Congrats Kiss My Asomugh, you’ll be receiving a brand new Nike LeSean McCoy jersey soon!

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