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LeSean McCoy Jersey

Brand new jersey, made by Nike

The playoffs are upon us for those who joined the Eagles Addict Fantasy Football League!  We’re down to the final six (well, five really)…who’s going to win that brand-spankin’ new Nike LeSean McCoy jersey?

And no, I can’t replace it with a Bryce Brown jersey!

Anyway, it was a pretty competitive league during the regular season.  Well, except for me…my team finished dead last and scored the least amount of points.

The league’s top-scorer, Sack Me Maybe, outscored me by over 450 points…ouch!  But oddly enough, he didn’t finish with the top seed.  The top seed actually goes to Viet Nnamdis…the only EA writer to make the playoffs.

So, here’s how the first round of the playoffs looks:

5th seed Sack Me Maybe? vs. 4th seed Fletcher’s Cox

6th seed Team Norman vs. 3rd seed Missing Linc

Viet Nnamdis and Kiss My Asomugh get the first round bye weeks.

The remainder of the playoffs will work just like the NFL…the top seed will face the lowest remaining seed in the second round, etc.

And just to reiterate…if by some chance Viet Nnamdis gets to the championship round, his opponent will be the one who wins the McCoy jersey.  Otherwise, it will be the winner of the championship game.

I’m looking forward to some exciting fantasy playoffs!  Let the tournament begin!  Once the winner is determined, I’ll be shipping out your McCoy jersey as soon as possible.

If you missed out on playing this year, don’t worry…I’ll be doing it again next year.  I’ll also be looking to expand things a little more — such as doing two or three leagues — so more people can participate and compete for prizes!

Good luck to the remaining teams!  And for those who didn’t make the playoffs, all I can say is — in typical Eagles fan fashion — “there’s always next year.”

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