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Just how bad are the 2012 Philadelphia Eagles?  If not for a key lucky break in each of their three wins, Andy Reid’s team would be 0-8 right now.

Just a mere two weeks ago, I posted an article titled 10 Reasons to Remain Optimistic About the Philadelphia Eagles’ 2012 Season.  The Eagles were 3-3 at the time and my thought pattern was that you could see the Eagles’ record in a glass-half-full or glass-half-empty kind of way.

I chose to see it as half full because at the time, they only had one completely dreadful performance at Arizona but were competitive in the other five games.  A play here and there was the difference between 3-3 and 5-1.

But, I now realize I was completely wrong.  This glass couldn’t be more dry if it sat in the Sahara Desert for 10 years.

Two blow-out losses later with their season hanging in the balance tells me that this is just a bad football team all the way around.  It also tells me that those three close wins were really more fortunate than they were “hard earned.”

In other words, it wasn’t a case of a good football team that was playing well and just benefited from a few calls that other NFL teams get here and there too.  It was actually a case of a bad team that got lucky.

Yes, you can say every victory in the NFL is hard-earned and the Eagles were in position to win those games because they were “good enough”.  But, we can point to a critical play in each of their three wins that were pure luck and that they were very fortunate to walk away with the win.

LJ Fort drops a game-ending INT

LJ Fort drops a game-ending INT

In the Cleveland game, Michael Vick led the Eagles on a late 4th quarter game-winning 91-yard touchdown drive.  Obviously, that’s a huge positive.  However, they were extremely fortunate that on the play before the four-yard TD pass to Clay Harbor, a Cleveland defender dropped an easy interception in the end zone.

Vick threw a pass right to the defender and it simply clanked off his hands.  If he just catches that ball, the Eagles lose that game.

In Week 2 against Baltimore, Vick again led a 4th quarter touchdown drive to take a late one-point lead in the game.  However, the critical play was on the previous drive by the Ravens.

Jacoby Jones

Would have been a TD if regular refs were there. Photo: Kenneth K. Lam

You can probably recall, but Jacoby Jones caught a 25-yard touchdown pass that was nullified due to a very questionable offensive pass interference penalty by the replacement refs.  The Ravens led at the time, 20-17, and should have led 27-17 after that play.

Baltimore ultimately had to settle for just a field goal, which set the stage for the next drive by Vick.  If that TD stood, the Eagles would have needed two scores, with under five minutes to play, just to tie and chances are that would not have happened.

Lawrence Tynes

Photo from

The game against New York was an obvious one.  Giants kicker Lawrence Tynes missed a potential game-winning field goal not once, but twice.  Sure, it was a 54-yarder and a difficult kick, but not impossible.

Plus, if you remember, two plays before the field goal attempts, Giants receiver Ramses Barden was flagged for offensive pass interference that pushed them back 10 yards and turned what would have been a 44 yard FG attempt into a 54-yarder.

Therefore, I can now say with some confidence that this team is lucky to have the three wins they have.  They very would could be — perhaps even should be — 0-8.

After watching this team for the past two weeks, there are no more optimistic points of view.  I’m not sure this team is capable of winning more than two more games the rest of the season.

However, this could be a repeat of last season where the Eagles go on a meaningless stretch of wins to finish 8-8, out of the playoffs, with a fired coaching staff and the worst draft slot a non-playoff team can get.

That would be typical Philly luck.

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