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Jeff Lurie and Andy Reid

Ever since Michael Vick went down with his concussion, I’ve been pounding the drum that Nick Foles should remain the Eagles’ starting QB for the rest of the season, regardless of how he or the team performs.

I even went so far as to say that Andy Reid would be selfish not do so.

Before all the Vick lovers come crying, this is not about him.  My reasoning for starting Foles is purely what I believe to be in the best interest for the future of this franchise.  Simply put, we need to see if he is going to be our quarterback going forward.

Whether or not you’re a Vick supporter, there is a legitimate chance that he will not return to the Eagles next season.  The fact that there should be a new coaching staff in place, along with a huge amount of money owed to Vick, combine to make it likely that he will not, in fact, be back.

That’s why this isn’t about Vick.  It’s about the team and the future direction it will go.  An incoming coach will need to have as much game tape as possible on Foles to determine if he will be the quarterback to lead this team.

With that said, every time Andy Reid is questioned about his starting quarterback, he has repeatedly said that Vick will be the starter when healthy.  This just pisses me off to no end because it’s stubborn and illogical.

I was listening to sports radio the other day and I heard an interview with Ray Didinger.  They started discussing Foles and Diddy felt the same way as I do…that he should start the rest of the year regardless.

However, Ray brought up another interesting point: Jeff Lurie should step in and tell Reid that if he insists on going back to Vick, he will have to fire him now rather than waiting until the end of the season.

I found myself agreeing 100%.

I’ve been thinking all along that there is no way Lurie would fire Reid mid-season.  He respects Reid too much and would let him finish this thing out.  And, I agree with that notion because I don’t see any benefit to firing a coach during the season and Reid has earned the right to finish it out if he chooses to.

However, I would make an exception on this because doing what’s right for the future of my team supersedes doing what’s right by Andy Reid.  If that means Reid has to go now, then so be it.

I don’t think anyone would fault Lurie for making this kind of power play on Reid.  Hell, there are plenty of folks out there that think he should just fire Reid now to end the suffering.

Firing Reid now just because they aren’t winning is more like a knee-jerk, emotional response.  But, firing Reid now for interfering with the future is a much more worthy and rational.

Therefore, Lurie should give Reid the ultimatum of starting Foles or leave now…because it’s in the best interest of the organization.

Reid has usually always done what’s best for the organization and has always been forward-thinking.  This isn’t any different…other than the fact the future will not include him.  This is why I had made the statement he’d be selfish by not starting Foles for the rest of 2012.

I can’t say this enough, there is absolutely no reason to go back to Vick at this point.  None, zero, nada, zilch!  Would he be the better option if our goal was to win games because we had a realistic shot at the playoffs?

Absolutely.  But don’t fool yourself, this team has no shot.

Therefore, the rest of this season is about player evaluation, period.

We cannot afford to waste the rest of this season trying to get a couple of meaningless wins with Vick (more “fools gold”).  Furthermore, we certainly don’t want to be in a position going into the offseason and next year with the question of whether or not Foles can play.

We need to start answering that question now.  It will determine what direction a new regime will go in and deciding on a quarterback is the most crucial decision a new regime has to make.

If Reid wants to stifle a prolonged evaluation of Foles and go back to Vick, then Lurie needs to step in and do what’s necessary for the future of this organization.


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8 Responses to Jeff Lurie Should Fire Andy Reid Now if He Insists on Going Back to Vick

  1. mazzwest says:

    Andy can do what he wants he is the head coach. Lurie put the ultimatum on him, not vice versa, and as such he should operate as he wants. Personally I like Vick more than Foles, and as a fan I’d like a chance to win games, rather than being constantly blown out. Why does Andy own the incoming coach tape of Foles?

    • We’re at a point now where we need to evaluate the players on the roster, and Foles is the most important guy to evaluate. What good does getting a couple more meaningless wins with Vick do?

      At the end of the season, does it really matter if we’re 3-13 or 6-10? This season is lost and Reid will be gone. It’s time to think about the future and how to fix this mess.

      Reid doesn’t owe the next coach anything, that’s why Lurie should step in and tell him to play Foles or he’ll have to be fired now rather than January.

      This is about doing what’s best for the future of the Eagles, not doing whats best for Reid.

    • Smokes says:

      One more thing to add to what Dave said: If we win a few meaningless games, we’ll also get a bad draft spot in addition to not making the playoffs (even if by some supernatural reason we’d get into the playoffs, we all know there’s no way we’d get farther). I personally would sacrifice the remaining games of this lost season to evaluate and take stock of what we have to better ourselves for next season (so that we CAN win more games next season), then to win a few games now, get a bad draft spot, and not see what the future holds for us.

      • Agreed Smokes. Many folks don’t care about draft positioning right now, they just want to see a win. But for me, wins now are hollow and won’t bring me much joy because I know it’s for nothing. The only exception for me would be to see Nick Foles play well and earn a few victories…that might generate some excitement for his future. Other than that, it’s all about getting the best draft slot possible. Come April, nobody will remember a couple of useless wins now.

        • Fábio Campos says:

          I don´t know if you remember, but last year we had a conversation like that. What would be better? to win the last games or a better position in the Draft? If we had not those last four wins, probably we’d be in a good position to try to move up and select RGIII.

          It is not a question of cheer against the team. Everything is relative. To want a better position in the draft and therefore a more competitive team, does not means wanting the best for the franchise? This means love less the team than who prefer wins that doesnt help anything, just a worse situation in the next draft?

          I love The Eagles and I want the best to the organization, and in this moment means Vick out. which leads us to two possibilities:

          1 – Foles proves to be the answer, and the wins will mean something. (or losses with good performances)

          2 – Continuity of the disaster in a season already lost, and a great position in the Draft

  2. Fábio Campos says:

    Perfect words. This would be the top of stupidity, which would be the accurate translation of what was this season: A real mess and disaster.

    I have no words to express how much I’m disappointed with this team. If Reid insist this nonsense and Lurie do nothing about, he will show that he had no control over the organization. will be a total disregard with the interests of the franchise.

    As much as he has respect for Reid, everything has a limit.

    • That’s right Fabio, everything has a limit. I respect Reid and fully anticipated him finishing out this season. I’m grateful for what he has done here but at the end of the day, I’m and *Eagles* fan, not particularly an Andy Reid fan. I want what’s best for this team, and that means playing Foles from here on out. If Reid isn’t on board with that, sorry, but he’s got to go….now.

  3. tajblack says:

    the problem isnt VICK the problem is The defense, the defensive coaching, the offensive coaching and the offensive line! NO QB under center with that Line can play effectivly to win games. and I mean NO ONE. If Tom Brady had this O-line would you be screaming for Reid and Vick to go? probably not cause as always certain players get all the excuses in the world for their poor play. If Vick had a half decent line and time to read and deliver they would be a competitive team. On the flip side of this they dont have a real defensive coach and havent had one in almost 3 years so they give up so many games due to poor defensive play. They do need to revamp but getting rid of their prize players is not the answer. Buy a O-Line and buy a Defensive Coach. And maybe replace Reid. Vick is not and should not be the fall guy for a bad organization. but it looks like he will be. Foles is another Kolb. When you start losing becaue of his lack of skills his head will be on the chopping block too.

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