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Eagles On The Ropes After Five Loses In A Row

By SBRForum.com

Under the Andy Reid administration, the Eagles have never lost five games in a row.  That is, until this past weekend, when they lost to their division rival Dallas Cowboys.

This has not been the Eagles year when it comes to effective play calling and not turning the ball over, and they have another tough game against yet another division rival in the Washington Redskins this week. With the NFL odds in the Eagles favor this week at a +3 point spread, they do have a chance of covering but will have to fight for a win.

The Eagles have had plenty of problems throughout the year.  The constant turnovers, sloppy play and lackadaisical approach to the game in general have led to a three and six record and five losses in a row.

They suffered another tough hit to the team this past week when quarterback Michael Vick went out of the game with a concussion.  Their rookie back up, Nick Foles, failed to help the team out and threw one interception and lost a fumble, both of which ended in touchdowns for the Cowboys defense.

The team is in shambles and need to make some serious changes if they want to finish out the season strong and have momentum going into the next season.  It may be time for the team to start looking at other options other than Andy Reid or Michael Vick if they want to team to be playoff contenders in the coming years.

There is little to no hope for the Eagles to make the playoffs this season and they will not be viable in the coming years if they do not get things adjusted in the right places.  Otherwise, they will be seeing the same thing happen for them for the foreseeable future.


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