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Andy Reid and the Philadelphia Eagles are playing to save their season tonight on Monday Night Football.  If you want to point to a single pivotal game this year, this is it for the Eagles tonight.

The embattled team is not quite on life support yet, but they seem to be a team that is slowly dying.  The “fire Andy” bandwagon is growing larger by the day and fans are getting to the point where, instead of anger, they’re beginning to just feel apathetic.

What’s worse, fans that are angry or fans that just don’t care anymore?  If I were Jeff Lurie, I’d be alarmed by the growing segment that are losing interest because they are well beyond the stage of anger with this team.

Not only are some fans beginning to feel indifferent, but some of the players appear to be disengaged too.  You have certain guys like LeSean McCoy that genuinely seem to care and are disappointed by the way things are going, but others not so much.

It was McCoy who said it looked as if his team has no heart and isn’t showing much pride, and I agree.  And the only way you don’t show heart or pride is if you’re disinterested in whatever it is that you’re doing.

Hell, when I saw the T.V. cameras pan to Michael Vick and DeSean Jackson on the sideline during the Atlanta game when they were in the midst of getting their asses kicked — and those two guys were smiling and yuckin’ it up — I was quite angered by that.

You can say this is a business all you want, but when your leader and star WR are seen laughing on the sideline during a blowout, something is seriously wrong with the psyche of the team.

However, I won’t continue to rail on that because this team still has a chance to turn the season around, starting tonight.

A win tonight can be the spark this team needs to get in a groove.  A loss will send this team and its fragile psyche further into the abyss and will likely never come out.

4-4 is worlds better than 3-5.

If the Eagles win tonight, and have a good showing while doing so, the rest of the schedule looks manageable.  Suddenly, their next three games against Dallas, Washington and Carolina look like a perfect time to get on a win-streak and perhaps get to 7-4 on the season.

Then the remaining schedule looks a lot easier too with very winnable games against Tampa Bay and Cincy.  They’ll also get another shot at the Giants and could possibly be in a position to win the division.

On the flip side, a loss tonight makes the remaining schedule look more daunting.

Yeah, Dallas is 3-5 but their defense looks really good and would likely shut down our offense.  RG3 and the Redskins coming fresh off their bye all of a sudden look like a 50/50 shot at a win or loss.  All of a sudden Cam Newton and the Panthers become world-beaters.

Etc, etc, etc…

Momentum and attitude go a long way for teams.  Sure, talent and coaching are the most crucial assets, but getting on a roll and having a “I’m gonna kick your ass” attitude are just as important.

A team can have all the talent in the world, but if their attitude stinks, they will never be successful.

This is why tonight’s game is crucial.  For a team as fragile as the Eagles right now, a loss and a 3-5 record will be too much to overcome and could be the proverbial straw that breaks the camel’s back.

A win could lift the spirits of the players and coaching staff and get this thing turned around.

This will be the offense’s best chance to get on track this season.  The Saints have a historically bad defense right now and pretty much every offense they’ve faced has had their way with them.

Hell, the anemic offense of the Kansas City Chiefs put up 510 yards and 27 points against them!

Vick has talked this past week about getting his “swag back.”  Well, if he can’t get it back against this defense, he won’t get it back against anyone.

In a do-or-die season for Reid, this is the do-or-die game that will ultimately determine what path the team goes down for the remaining eight games.



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3 Responses to Eagles Face a Do-Or-Die Game in a Do-Or-Die Season For Andy Reid

  1. Smokes says:

    Hey Dave! Know I haven’t talked for a while, but it’s mostly because, as you stated, the losses and just flat-out ridiculous turnovers/play by this Eagles team are making me just disinterested in them. I’m way beyond anger! Every Sunday now I actually consider whether I should watch the Eagles or just take a nap and expect that they’ll lose (which lately that’s been the case).

    But seriously, I think Reid’s act in Philly has grown stale. He is a great coach, but he’s just been here too long and nothing significant has come out of it. I agree with the bandwagon that he needs to go, whether it be during this season or after it. I also agree with you that that game last night was a season-killer. I see no way, even if we win the next few games, we get into the playoffs, mostly because this team hasn’t had ANY swagger or attitude this whole season (and I don’t really see that changing), and I don’t think that the players WANT it.

    Anyway, thanks for sticking with them! You’re always much more optimistic then I am with the Eagles haha, and I admire that you’re even still posting articles 🙂

    • Hey Smokes, long time no talk to! Yeah, it’s difficult to watch this team, but no matter how bad they’ve ever been, I always seem to watch them til the bitter end. Nowadays, it’s kind of like a car crash…you hate to see it but you can’t look away! LOL.

      Anyway, yeah…Reid is as good as gone after this season. It’s ashame he could never bring us a championship, but this team as it stands right now is all on him. He benefited from having some good players left over from the Rhodes era and added a few good ones himself. That led to his early success. But now this entire team…coaching staff and all…is all by his making and it’s horrible.

      I don’t know how the next coach will do, but it’s certainly time to find out.

      • Smokes says:

        Yes, whatever a new coach would bring it probably couldn’t be much worse then what is transpiring here… PROBABLY 😉

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