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Andy Reid and Nick Foles

Philadelphia Eagles head coach Andy Reid and his team have hit rock bottom after a completely demoralizing loss to the Redskins.  To boot, there were several questionable decisions made in yesterday’s game that reek of a man who just doesn’t know what to do anymore.

First, the decision was made to start Jake Scott over an active Danny Watkins at right guard.  Scott had not played a single down of football this season and prior to last Monday, wasn’t even in the NFL.

Nick Foles was making his first career start and now we’re starting a guy off the street to be part of his protection?  Over your first round draft pick from last year?  And don’t give me this “chronic ankle” crap, it’s more about Watkins’ play than the ankle.

Granted, Watkins hasn’t played well this year, but you’d have to think he was the better option at this time than a guy who looks like Grizzly Adams and was probably hunting bear in the wilderness the day before the Eagles signed him.

It’s no secret the Eagles’ offensive line is in shambles this year, but the fact you have to start a guy like Scott in this situation is downright shameful.

Going along with the theme of having a duct-taped offensive line, wouldn’t the logic be to have a game-plan that revolved around the running game, especially early on?  Run-blocking is easier than pass-blocking so logic would indicate to establish some rhythm by running the ball.

Oh no, not Reid and/or Mornhinweg.  15 out of the first 20 plays of the game were passes.

Some folks will tell you that the Redskins’ defense ranked towards the bottom of the league in pass defense and pressuring the quarterback (sacks).  Therefore, coming out firing in the passing game could be viewed as logical, if you weren’t starting a rookie QB behind an offensive line that wouldn’t be able to block Pee-Wee Herman.

Historically, when Reid has started an inexperienced QB, he has helped him out by sticking with the run-game.  Well, that philosophy went out the window yesterday.  Yes, some of those plays were screens, but putting the pressure on Foles immediately?  With that OL?

Insane.  Idiotic.  Negligent.

Speaking of insanity and negligence, we could use those words to describe Reid’s decision to keep running McCoy late in the game after the outcome was decided.  Now, there is a part of me that thinks “hey, why should you take a star player out of a game that you’re losing?”

Wouldn’t that be just like giving up?  But, sometimes logic should prevail and perhaps Reid should have either taken McCoy out, or at least not been running the ball.  I mean, when asked the question about why McCoy was still in there, Reid said they were “trying to catch up and win the game.”

Say what?  Are you insane?  Catch up?  Win a game that you’re down by 25 points in the final two minutes?  That’s just beyond ridiculous.

Plus, if he was trying to catch up and win the game, why was he handing the ball off to McCoy?  Yeah, okay coach.

There were also a few other blunders during the game…

At the end of the first half, the Eagles stopped the Redskins on third down with about a minute left.  For some reason, the Eagles let 15 or 16 seconds tick off the clock before deciding to call timeout in hopes they could get the ball back and perhaps get a score before the half was over.

So, they wasted 15 seconds, call timeout, get the ball, hand it off to McCoy, he promptly fumbles, Redskins recover and go on to kick a field goal as the half expired.


Then, how about some mysterious formation the Eagles deployed on a 3rd and five play during the second quarter.  They had McCoy, DeSean Jackson and Jeremy Maclin on the sideline while Bryce Brown, Damaris Johnson and Riley Cooper were on the field.

The result?  Incomplete pass to Brent Celek and then a punt.  What was the friggin point of that play?  Again, utter brilliance right there.

Just when I couldn’t believe the Eagles could sink any lower, they still find ways to do it.  This loss to a mediocre-at-best Redskins team has to be rock bottom.  Even with a rookie QB, I still excpected to produce more than six points, and I certainly didn’t expect the defense to give up 31 points to an offense that is efficient, but not explosive.

It’s just been a brutal season without many bright spots.  The only things we can look forward to is seeing who our next head coach will be and what our draft position will be come April.

Time’s ours.

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2 Responses to Decision-Making by Andy Reid in Week 11 Was Almost Criminal

  1. Smokes says:

    I agree Dave, even for Reid there were a few calls there yesterday that made me wonder if he’s TRYING to lose his job. I may just save time these coming Sundays to do errands rather then watch the Eagles lose to some bad teams. I’m beyond speechless. April can’t come quick enough…

  2. Water_Bucket says:

    In the truest tradition of Philsdelphia’s 53 year football dynasty, yo da man Andy!

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