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The 2012 season for the Philadelphia Eagles is over.  Michael Vick is out with a concussion and Andy Reid is a lame-duck coach.  It’s time to see what the young guy can do.

After a game against the hated Cowboys in which the Eagles found a new way to lose, it effectively ended any slim hope that they could turn this season around.  Maybe they’re technically not “mathematically” eliminated from playoff contention yet, but we all know this is a lost season.

Reid stated after the game yesterday that Vick would still be the starter if healthy.  And if that turns out to be the case, the only reason that would make any sense at all is because Reid wouldn’t want to showcase Foles and make it easier for the decision-making of the next head coach.

He could hide behind the “we’re not eliminated yet” or “we just need to win a football game” mantras and use that to justify his sticking with Vick, but that’s just wasting time.  There is absolutely no reason whatsoever to keep starting Vick.

It actually could work in Reid’s favor if he does go with Foles from here on out.

I know the “Fire Andy” crowd doesn’t want to hear this, but if Foles starts the last seven games, shows promise, and the Eagles perform better…it might be Reid’s best chance of sticking around Philly for another year.

I know, I know…blasphemy!  Reid not getting fired at the end of the year might set-off riots and mass destruction in Philadelphia.

I’m not saying I want that to happen, nor am I saying it would…I’m just trying to look at the situation from Reid’s point of view.  Other than being stubborn, he has no logical reason to stick with Vick.

Starting Foles could only benefit him because he can’t make his situation any worse right now.

Of course, Reid could wait until his team was, in fact, been mathematically eliminated and then decide to start some young guys, including Foles.  He has the right to wait until that point because, after all, it could be viewed as unprofessional if Reid acts as if he’s given up on the season before his team is officially eliminated.

But, we as the fans and media can publicly say that this season is officially over right now.  Deep down inside, the team knows it too.  The players should now be thinking about showcasing their skills in order to have a job next season, in Philly or elsewhere.

If Vick can’t go this week against Washington and Foles starts and performs anything better than dreadful, it should be Foles’ job for the remainder of the year.

We need to see if Foles has starter potential for next year and it’s hard to do that without any real game film.  A prospective coaching candidate will need to see if Foles is good enough to be his guy or if he’ll need to bring in someone else at the game’s most important position.

Unless, of course, a prospective coach wants to roll with Vick, which is a possibility.

However, we have seen enough of Vick and everyone knows what he brings to the table (or doesn’t bring to the table).  It’s time to see if Foles looks like the next Ryan Leaf, Kevin Kolb or Tom Brady.

Foles’ performance against Dallas was what you might expect from a rookie.  He did some good things and made some mistakes.  He was certainly up-and-down, but the key thing is that he did flash some potential, and that’s all we can ask at this stage.

Find your altruism Andy, start Foles for the city and its fans.  Start him so there will be a good amount of game tape for your replacement to analyze.  If nothing else, starting him could be your Hail Mary play to possibly save your job!

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4 Responses to Andy Reid Would be Selfish Not to Start Nick Foles For Rest of Season

  1. tony says:

    yall are crazy. foles couldnt carry vicks jock. vick is a proven winner dont believe me go do the research. before this five game slide vick had a better winning percentage than the great drew brees how could this be a discussion haha it makes me laugh. who do you think the veterans on the team would like to be thier qb foles a rookie or a veteran our o line is terrible because 4 of the 5 starters are out so vick is the scapegoat put any qb behind this line and watch what happens haha especially a rookie. oh yea you seen it yesterday with 14 points the other way haha and should have been 3 pick for 6’s but lemme guess it was vicks fault haha. vick is the only one with heart on this team and yall would really turn yalls back on him.

    • Hey Tony, thanks for responding. But, are you nuts? Vick is a proven winner, go do the research? I don’t have to do any research, I’ve watched him play QB for my team since 2010, I know what he can and can’t do. And to mention him in the same breath as Drew Brees is pure craziness! Brees is in another universe compared to Vick, the 2 players are just not comparable in any way.

      Right now, you’re right, Vick is better than Foles. But…come on man, Foles is a rookie. What do the Eagles have to gain by playing Vick the rest of the season? Nothing, that’s what. That’s the only reason I’m saying to start Foles. If the Eagles had an actual shot at the playoffs, I’d be sticking with Vick. But they have no shot, the head coach is going to get fired, so it’s time to give the rookie some playing time and see what he’s got.

  2. Fábio Campos says:

    Hey Dave, I’m back … was on vacation and without internet. I have not seen the last 2 games. I see the news are not good .. the season is dead. this only proves that team on paper means nothing.

    sorry did not see the debut of Nick Foles. I liked what you said. There is no logic Vick continue. We have already seen his peak and it was not enough. Already Foles will only grow with each game. But to know if their potential is enough to be the answer he has to play the rest of the season.

    if you can give me some details about the debut of Foles I appreciate it.

    great read

    • Hey Fabio, was wondering what happened to you! It’s good to get away, especially without internet and even phone service for that matter!

      I don’t have an informed opinion on Foles’ debut because I was at the game in the stands, so therefore I didn’t get a good look or the benefit of instant replays. He went 22 out of 32 for 219 yards, 1 TD, 1 INT and 1 fumble. Both of his turnovers led to defensive TD’s for Dallas. The sack/fumble/TD was at the end of the game though so it didn’t impact the outcome. The pick-6 did though.

      From what I could actually see from the stands, Foles looked up and down…did some good and some bad. His first third-down pass was quick and accurate to Avant, but it clanged off of Avant’s helmet because he pulled his hammy on the play and wasn’t looking for the ball. I’m really going to study Foles closely this week.

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