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Vick Needs Big Effort Against Detroit Lions


QB Michael Vick has faced a ton of adversity over the course of his career. He was booted out of Atlanta thanks to his dogfighting incident, and he spent some time behind bars for it. He came back out of jail and was given a shot by Andy Reid and signed on as the Philadelphia Eagles’ third QB.

For the last three years though, Vick has gotten a chance to shine as a starter. However, this might be the most adversity that he has faced, as he really could face the serious prospects of getting benched if he doesn’t perform well against the Detroit Lions on Sunday.

About the only thing that Vick has going for him is the fact that his team is 3-2 and tied for the lead in the NFC East. What he doesn’t have going for him? He is guiding the NFL’s second worst offense at 16.0 points per game, and he has more turnovers by himself than the team does total touchdowns.

There hasn’t been a game this year in which the Eagles have scored more than 24 points, and there still hasn’t been a win by more than two points either.

Vick’s completion percentage is low at 58.4, as is his quarterback rating at 77.8. He has six touchdowns through the air and one on the ground, but he has six picks. He’s not getting the job done with his legs either, as he has just 146 yards and a TD and doesn’t have a carry for more than 20 yards this year.

Head Coach Andy Reid knows that this isn’t going to win playoff games this year. The Eagles are favored by a touchdown on the NFL odds over the Lions this week, and one would like to think that another dud performance by Vick, there is a real possibility that he’ll be on the bench following Philly’s bye week.


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