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Brandon Boykin

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If Philadelphia Eagles CB Brandon Boykin isn’t motivated for this week’s game against the Pittsburgh Steelers, he should be now.

According to Dale Lolley of the SteelCity Insider, Steelers receiver Antonio Brown called Boykin a “candy bar.”  Here’s what he stated:

“He’s all right,” said Steelers Pro Bowl receiver Antonio Brown. “He’s given up a lot of plays. Whoever gets that guy definitely has to take advantage.”

Not quite finished there, Brown continued.

“That’s the candy bar,” he said with a smile.

Snickers or Milky Way?

“Snickers,” he replied.

I guess Brown feels that Boykin will appease his hunger, or maybe he just thinks Boykin is a little nutty.  Either way, he apparently thinks Boykin is the “sweet spot” of the Eagles’ pass defense.

Pittsburgh’s left tackle Max Starks even chimed in about Boykin…

“Outside of Asomugha and Cromartie-Rodgers, their nickel is a rookie. You have some guys who are inexperienced in there. Hopefully, we can get into some sets and be successful in those things.”

Hey Brandon, I think your next opponent may be aiming to exploit you a little bit so you better eat your Wheaties Sunday morning!

The Steelers enter this week’s game with an offense ranked 18th in total yards per game (349.3), 7th in passing yards per game (284.3), 31st in rushing yards per game (65), and averaging 25.7 points per game (ranked 13th).

Through 3 games, Antonio Brown himself has 18 catches for 240 yards and one TD.  His counterpart, Mike Wallace, has similar stats with 17 catches for 234 yards and 3 scores.

Boykin, meanwhile, started off strong in the first 2 games where he allowed just 2 receptions for 33 yards on 9 targets and had 3 passes defensed, according to Pro Football Focus.

However, he’s taken a step back in the past 2 weeks in allowing 9 receptions for 111 yards and one TD on 13 targets, with no passes defensed.  This is what Antonio Brown was referring to when calling him a Snickers bar.

Obviously, Boykin is a rookie.  He will have his ups and downs this year while he’s learning the ropes of playing in the NFL.  He has already shown his athleticism in making a few great pass break-ups earlier this year.

With Big Ben keeping plays alive because he’s mobile in the pocket and is probably the hardest QB to bring down, the Steeler’s boast a pretty good passing attack.  The key will be getting pressure and bringing the big man down…a lot.

As a matter of fact, a repeat of the last time these two teams played would be good.  In 2008, the Eagles sacked Roethlisberger 8 times and held him to just 131 yards passing, no touchdowns and one INT in a 15-6 Eagles victory.

Either that, or Boykin better slip a razor blade into his Snickers bar this week when Brown and Wallace come trick-or-treating.

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