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Ravens Preparing For Vick, Eagles In Week 2

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The Philadelphia Eagles escaped Week 1 with a victory, and another performance like that will surely land them in the loss column. The Eagles barely edged the lousy Cleveland Browns 17-16 in Week 1 and the Baltimore Ravens, who are expected to be a Super Bowl contender, will shred the Eagles if they put forth a similar effort.

While the Eagles defense played pretty well, holding the Browns offense to just 210 total yards of offense (on 59 plays), the Eagles offense was horrendous. Although they held the lead for much of the day, head coach Andy Reid opted not to call many running plays as the Eagles finished the day with just 30 carries compared to 56 passes.

The fact that Michael Vick had 56 attempts facing a defense that finished in the Top 10 of pass defense last season, yet had one of the worst run defenses, is perplexing. On top of that, Vick entered the game with bruised ribs and took several shots.

On the day, he finished with four interceptions and the Eagles had five turnovers overall.

The Ravens are a far more competent team than the Browns and this won’t even be a contest if the Eagles aren’t better prepared. Playing at home, they should look much better.

Baltimore has to be wary of the fact that it’s a short week for them and they’re also on the road. They’ve also had some issues across their offensive line and the Eagles are very good at bringing pressure. They’ll have to make sure Joe Flacco has ample time to throw.

Even though the Eagles were simply awful in their 17-16 win over Cleveland, people making their NFL picks shouldn’t expect two shoddy efforts in a row. Look for this to be a very close contest.

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One Response to Ravens Preparing For Vick, Eagles In Week 2

  1. Fábio Campos says:

    will be a tough game. The Ravens were impressive yesterday (on both sides). I think after this game we will know of what our team is made of.

    I think if at half of the season we are 2-6, 3-5, Foles has to start. We need to know if he is the answer or if we need to select a new QB in the next draft. I know is too early to talk about it, but to be honest, i lost my faith that Vick can lead us deep in the playoffs. I hope he proves I´m wrong against Ravens, but I think he has no consistency to beat a elite defense.

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