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Reid and Vick

Michael Vick and the Philadelphia Eagles took a beating at the hands of Kevin Kolb and the Arizona Cardinals in Week 3, losing 27-6.  Vick was especially beat-up as he took numerous hits throughout the game, including 5 sacks.

ESPN stats shows the Cardinals defense getting 13 “QB hits” but that can’t be right, the number must be much higher.  Vick easily took somewhere in the neighborhood of 20 hits, at least (during the game, FOX posted a stat that showed he got hit 20 times, and that stat was shown with plenty of game left to play).

The Eagles were severely out-played by a Cardinals team that is not as good as their record indicates.  But, at least Arizona was actually ready to play a game yesterday whereas the Eagles looked like they never left the Philadelphia airport.

The only word to describe yesterday’s game is: brutal.  Simply, brutal.

Between idiotic play calling, inept play at the QB position, Brian Billick butchering the game announcing and further blunders by these replacement refs, the game was unbearable to watch.

I know a game is bad when I actually reach the “acceptance stage” of the 5 stages of grief by halftime.

Anyway, I plan on getting into several issues this week in separate articles because many of them deserve their own topic.  There is quite a bit to talk about as we move forward this season, and at this point, none of it is good.

On to the awards…

First up, things that made me say WTG! (Way to Go!):


Tumbleweed gif

Yep, that’s everything about yesterday’s game that got me pumped up and excited.  The defense played okay, but nothing that really stood out.

Nobody gets a WTG award from that debacle in Arizona.

However, there were plenty of things that made me say WTF! (What the F#@$!)

Going 3-and-out on the first series.  Not that this should be a surprise, but I get severely annoyed when we open a game with 3-straight failed pass plays and then punt.  Hey Andy, we have this guy who plays running back named LeSean McCoy, maybe he can play, no?

Damaris Johnson’s fumble on a punt return.  It only took until about mid-way through the first quarter to commit our first turnover.  This led directly to an Arizona touchdown and a 10-0 deficit.

Andy Reid accepting a holding penalty instead of a sack.  Allow me to further explain this one…

It was in the 2nd quarter, the Cards had the ball and faced a 2nd and 16 at their own 48-yard line.  Darryl Tapp sacks Kolb for a loss of 8 yards.  However, there is a holding penalty on Arizona’s offensive line.

This situation was apparently too confusing for everyone on the field to understand and led to a lengthy delay while it was sorted out.  First, the penalty was accepted, then declined, then accepted again.

In the end, Arizona ended up with a 2nd and 26.  In the real world of coaching and refereeing, the penalty would have been declined and the Cards would have faced 3rd and 24.

That was complete botchery and I cannot fathom why Reid accepted that penalty.  It made absolutely zero sense.

The Vick sack, fumble, Cardinals touchdown.  Again, I’d like to explain further on this one…

The Eagles were down 17-0 and took over at their own 20 with 2:26 left in the first half.  Vick led them on their best drive of the game and got down to a first-and-goal at the Arizona 1-yard line with about 16 seconds left.

While I was screaming “run the ball” on the first play there, they ended up passing it twice with throw-aways out of the end zone.  Then, on 3rd down with 6 seconds left, I was thinking “just kick the field goal here” because Vick tends to prolong plays and 6 seconds is borderline as to whether they would have had enough time for a FG if the play failed.

Unfortunately, Reid and Mornhinweg never seem to agree with me.

They decided to run one more play, and probably could have if they had a different QB out there.  Vick always…ALWAYS…holds the ball too long and it cost them a 14-point swing.

Since they decided to run the play, it should have been a quick 3-step drop and fire the ball.  Instead, Vick held onto to it while Daryl Washington was allowed to rush free and drill Vick that caused the fumble that James Sanders picked up and returned 93 yards for the killer score.

It was a bad decision on Reid’s part because he should know his QB, and it was a bad play by Vick because he’s just not a quick read-and-deliver type of player.

DeSean Jackson looking for a flag instead of finishing the play.  At this point, all I could do was laugh…kind of like when you reach a punch-drunk stage from witnessing a comedy of errors.

Vick  launched a pass down the sideline intended for Jackson.  While the ball was in the air, Jackson slowed-up his route and started waving to the ref like he was looking for a pass interference flag.

Had he just kept on his route and not slowed down, he very well may have been able to come up with the catch and possibly even a touchdown.  It was a ridiculous play and epitomized the entire offense in that nobody’s head was in the game.

At the least, you have to finish a play first, and then complain to the ref.

Larry Fitzgerald wide open on his TD catch.  Apparently a miscommunication between the defensive backs led to this happening, but whatever the reason, you know somebody has to be covering that guy at all times.

Cards get a first down on 3rd and 17 by running a simple draw play.  How does a defense allow this to happen?  It was a textbook “just get some positive yards and then we’ll punt” decision by Arizona.

But yet, Ryan Williams was able to pick up 25 yards and first down.  That led to another field goal to pad the Cards’ lead.

My biggest overall WTF’s for the game go to Andy Reid and Michael Vick.

Reid didn’t start running the ball until they were down by 24 points.  Why?  Because the Cards were playing defense to stop the big play.  Only then did he decide to run and call a more balanced offense.

Too little, too late.

Vick and his turnovers.  What’s more to say?  The man has turned the ball over 8 times in 3 games.  That is completely unacceptable and I’m thoroughly disgusted.

The Eagles have turned the ball over 12 times in 3 games all-together, and to that I give a big WTF!

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4 Responses to Philadelphia Eagles Week 3 WTF and WTG Awards

  1. Gordon Sleve says:

    Dave, Great article. You and I came to that point of “acceptance” at about the same time. I too could do nothing but laugh. I was watching on-line (Gamecast) so it was good to hear an “explanation” of the inexplicable sack/hold play. I couldn’t figure out what could have happened to make someone accept that penalty.
    I totally agree on the play calling on the first and goal. I thought having a good experience with play calls in that situation last week would be positive reinforcement for Andy.

    A couple of things that are bugging me:

    On the talk shows they keep refering to a stat of how many more pass interference call there have been this year. I work with statistics all day and I can tell you this means nothing. Because the replacement refs don’t know the rules (I guess they never even watched a pro game before they started), they are not calling illegal contact. Because of that, the coaches are telling the DBs to get away with as much as possible. There is illegal contact on every pass play that I have watched so far this year. I only makes sense that they call pass interference once in a while.

    Why can’t Michael Vick go up to the line, look at the defense, look at his protection and realize that there is an extra guy coming clean? That should be his first priority.


    • Hey Gordon, thanks man! There was an “audit” released last week comparing the number of penalties called this year as compared to last year at the same point in the season. Check it out here:

      I think the biggest difference with these refs in regards to illegal contact/PI is what to call and what not to call. The regular refs could make ticky-tack calls too, but I think some of them know to just let them play and therefore make the right “non call”. The replacements are struggling with what to call and what not to call and because they’re “scabs”, everyone is in an uproar.

      But the fact that coaches are now telling players to get away with as much as they can means these refs clearly aren’t doing their jobs properly.

      I share in your frustration with Vick too. He’s just never been a cerebral QB, and never will be. Unfortunately, that’s what happens to QBs who rely too much on their athleticism to get them by…they neglect the mental part of the game and therefore never really learn how to do it. Reid’s offense will never be as efficient as it could be until he gets a “true QB” who can read defenses quickly and react accordingly.

      I used to say this about McNabb and the same is true for Vick: When receivers are out in patterns, there are windows of when and where they’ll come open. There is a big difference between being “NFL open” and “Vick open”. NFL open is a small window of time where a good QB can put the ball. McNabb or Vick open is when the receiver doesn’t have a defender around him for 5 yards! LOL That’s why Vick…and McNabb did this too…holds the ball too long. He *thinks* he has to wait until the receiver is all the way open before making the pass…and his protection cannot hold the defense back that long which is why he gets sacked/hit/scrambles so much.


  2. Fábio Campos says:

    Hi Dave,

    So, five running plays in the first half. what more we need to talk? I’m so tired of it all. Every year the same thing.

    oh man, even when?

    • Yep…5 called run plays in the first half…4 to McCoy and 1 to Bryce Brown. Ridiculous! And, after they had such a nice balance last week and it worked pretty damn good. This week, they go back to the same ole, same ole and they looked like crap.

      If I were a DC, I’d love to play the Eagles. Just rush the passer on every single down in the first half and shut them down easily. I’m going to start referring to Reid and Mornhinweg as “Dumb and dumber”. These guys are maddeningly predictable and it drives me nuts!

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