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For the second week in a row, Michael Vick led the Philadelphia Eagles on a game-winning touchdown drive late in the 4th quarter.

The Eagles defeated the Ravens in exciting fashion, 24-23, and are now 2-0 for only the second time during the Andy Reid era.  The last time they started out 2-0 was in 2004, enroute to the Super Bowl.

This game against the Ravens was almost like a street fight as several skirmishes broke out during the game.  If I didn’t know any better, I would have thought this was a divisional game.

Maybe we’ve found ourselves a new rivalry about 90 minutes south of Philadelphia.  Unfortunately, we only get to play them once every four years in games that matter…unless they meet in the Super Bowl.

Anyway, on to the WTF and WTG awards…

If you didn’t catch them last week, my WTF and WTG awards are basically plays, players, or anything that happened during the game that made you say “WTF! (What The F#$%!) or “WTG!” (Way To Go!).

These are my normal reactions to things during every Eagles game, well, because there is always something to get ticked-off about and/or excited about every week.

First up, the WTG awards…Way To Go guys!

DeMeco Ryans.  Finally…FINALLY…we have a linebacker!  For the second week in a row, Ryans played a great game and came up big.  He recorded 7 tackles, a sack, 2 tackles for a loss and an interception.

He was also credited by his fellow defensive teammates for being a good leader, particularly on the final drive by the Ravens when they had to stop them from getting into field goal range.

Hey Andy…see what having a good middle linebacker can do for you?

Brent Celek.  It was good to see Celek get more involved in the offense and man, did he deliver!  He posted a career-high 157 yards on 8 receptions.  Though he didn’t find the end zone, he had a significant impact on the game.

At one point, Celek took a hard shot from Ravens safety Bernard Pollard.  He looked like he had his bell rung for a few seconds, but then dusted himself off, got up, and did his trademark first-down signal (and was shaking his head up and down as if “yeah boy, bring it!”.

And how about his little leap over the defender while running down the sideline?

DeSean Jackson.  DJax became the focal point of the wide receiver corps since Jeremy Maclin was hurting and ultimately left the game.  Jackson delivered in catching 7 passes for 114 yards.

Jackson also may have made the play of the game when he hauled in a 49-yard picture-perfect pass from Michael Vick late in the 3rd quarter.  He caught the ball over one defender and had Ed Reed barreling down on him and took a hard shot, but held onto the ball for a big gain.

Michael Vick.  A week after landing on my WTF list, Vick now finds himself on the good list.  Hopefully, he stays here.

I did yell a big WTF! on the first drive of the game where, again, Vick threw an awkward pass back to his left while rolling to his right and directly into the arms of Bernard Pollard in the end zone.

It was another red zone turnover and killed what was a nice opening drive.  He did throw one other interception, but that one was more on Brent Celek as the ball clanged off his hands and into the hands of Ed Reed.

However, after that, Vick was great.  Overall, Vick was great, actually.  He played a much better game and went 23 of 32 for 371 yards with one TD passing and one TD rushing (the game winner).

Vick made good throws all game, though he did seem a little hesitant at times when he would start to throw, only to stop, then re-cock and throw.  He also came up big for the second week in a row by orchestrating a game-winning touchdown drive towards the end.

Mychal Kendricks.  He and Ryans are doing what we all hoped they would do — be a pair of every-down linebackers and make plays.

Kendricks again showed his athleticism in both the run-game and pass-game with 5 tackles, 2 for a loss and a pass defensed.  It was his tight coverage on Ray Rice on 4th and 1 at the end of the game that forced the incompletion, securing the Eagles’ victory.

Brandon Boykin.  Boykin didn’t make a lot of plays but had good coverage all day.  He also came up big when it mattered most.  He made a great leaping pass deflection during the final Ravens drive on a deep pass over the middle intended for Jacoby Jones.

If Boykin didn’t make that play, the Ravens would have been in, or very close, to field goal range.

Andy Reid and Marty Mornhinweg.  I always have to include these 2 guys together when talking about the game plan and offensive calls during the game.  They, too, were on my WTF list last week for calling a horrible game.

Much improved this week.

Last week I laid out a few things I wanted to see in this game: Get Celek more involved and mix in the run more throughout the game.  Well, they did both and it worked extremely well.

There were 33 called run plays (including 2 Vick rushes that appeared to be called for) versus 40 called passes (8 of which Vick scambled).  That’s much better balance, and more importantly, it was dispersed much better throughout the game.

Hopefully, Reid and Mornhinweg continue to mix the run and pass that efficiently.

Now for the WTF awards…

The officials.  They were the cause of the majority of my WTF outbursts during the game.  They were downright horrible and do not deserve to referee another game.

It was one of the worst officiated games I’ve ever witnessed.  The odd thing is, that I didn’t think the actual penalties they called were bad, they just couldn’t handle the game and made several “silly” mistakes.

On multiple occasions they misplaced the spot of the ball and announced the wrong down (as in, saying it was 4th down instead of 3rd, etc.).  There were actually two, 2 minute warnings at the end of the game because they mistakenly ran the clock off with 2:05 left.

Their miscues and indecision delayed the game and affected the flow.

They also botched 2 important calls: the first one was when Reid challenged the spot of the ball after a Vick scramble down inside the Ravens’ 5-yard line.  It was a 3rd-down play and they needed to get the 4-yard line for a first.

The refs spotted the ball at the 5, Reid challenged it, and after clearly…I mean, CLEARLY, seeing the replay where Vick got to at least the 4 and 1/2 yard line, the refs still ruled the spot correct.

Vick didn’t have the first down either way, but the importance of that call was the fact that the Eagles were charged with a timeout.  Reid should have won that challenge and not had a timeout taken away.

In a tight game like that, a timeout could have been precious at the end.

The second call the refs botched was ruling Vick’s incomplete pass a fumble on the game-winning drive.  I actually couldn’t believe they ruled it a fumble in the first place, but at least they got it right after reviewing the play.

The NFL needs to end the lockout and settle with the real refs…pronto!

Damaris Johnson.  Sorry, but I have to call the little man out on this one.  Towards the end of the first half, he fielded a punt around his own 5-yard line.  The rule is, if a punt is going to land inside the 10-yard line, you let it go and hope for a touchback.

Johnson is a rookie so I’ll cut him a little bit of a break on that one.  However, the decision had a ripple effect: Pinned deep, the Eagles made the prudent call to just run the ball 3-straight times in an effort to run out the clock and go to halftime.

The Ravens used their timeouts, got the ball back and were able to get a field goal just before the half.  If Johnson let that punt go and the Eagles had it at the 20, the Ravens likely would never have gotten those 3 points.

Bryce Brown.  Sorry Bryce, I have to give you a WTF! for that fumble on the handoff when the Eagles were again in the red zone.  Handing the ball off is as easy as it gets, gotta hang on to the ball Bryce!

LeSean McCoy.  I hate to put McCoy on this list, but he did make me say WTF! after he lost his second fumble in 2 weeks and then had a pass bounce off his chest on what should have been an easy 3rd-down conversion on 3rd and 1.

I’m not sure to give this WTF to, maybe the offensive line in general?  But, Vick seemed to get hit on every single play in the first half.  He was getting hit so often that he was even tackled on a run-play after handing the ball off to McCoy.

It’s nothing new that Vick takes too many hits, but yesterday it seemed more than usual and that obviously has to stop…now.

My last WTF award will go to Joe Flacco, Vonta Leach and Ray Lewis of the Ravens.  It was after the game, but those guys complained about the Eagles being “dirty” and that the refs impacted the outcome of the game.

Flacco was particularly complaining about the offensive pass interference call on Jacoby Jones that wiped out a Ravens touchdown late in the game.  Newsflash to Flacco…it was a penalty because Jones actually did push-off on Asomugha.

Maybe it was ticky-tack or whatever, but they made a few ticky-tack calls against the Eagles too.  The replay clearly showed contact and it certainly appeared Jones did push off, so it was an okay call by the referee.

And Ray Lewis needs to get his eyes checked.  He felt that the ruling of a fumble by Vick on the game-winning drive was the correct one and that the replay clearly showed it was a fumble.

Come on Ray, I know you’re a senior citizen out there but damn, you might want to look at the replay again today with new prescription glasses.  It was clearly an incomplete pass by Vick, not a fumble.

That’s why the refs, as bad as they were, had to overturn it.



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2 Responses to Philadelphia Eagles Week 2 WTF and WTG Awards

  1. Fábio Campos says:

    Hi Dave,

    which exciting game man… wins like this builds the character of a team. I think what this game proved is that this D can keep us alive in any game, So, we can have opportunity to beat any team.

    after being so negative last week, I’m much more optimistic this week (heart of a fan is so volatile) LOL

    but seriously, it’s encouraging to see that we are winning games that we should lost while last year we lost game that we should win. is a huge change of attitude. MAN, WE ARE A TOUGH TEAM!!!

    “old school” Ryans, “freak beast” Kendriks, “Air” Boykin they all brought (as we say here in Brazil) “blood in the eyes” for this defense. and this reflects well on the offensive. I just love the “heart warrior” Celek. and DJAX is other guy this year.

    is now to work to reduce mistakes. It is unbelievable that we are 1st in YPG but only 26th in PPG.

    About Bryce Brown, I love his potential, but in this moment I think he is still a project. He had practically no career in college. I think Polk is more ready right now. He was great in college, a complete package (including great blocker).


    • Yeah man, what a game it was! After the first 2 weeks, I wouldn’t mind watching the Eagles blow somebody out now so I don’t have to sweat it at the end 🙂

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