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While watching the Philadelphia Eagles play the Cleveland Browns in Week 1, what were some things that made you react in excitement or in anger?

Here on Eagles Addict I’ll be giving out weekly WTF and WTG awards to point out what made me happy and what pissed me off about the game.

If you don’t know, WTF is an abbreviation for “What The F#@!” and WTG stands for “Way To Go!.”  These are my normal reactions to things during every Eagles game, because there is always something to get ticked-off about and/or excited about.

First up are the things that made me happy, or, way to go guys!

DeMeco Ryans.  Much to my relief, Ryans showed up yesterday and had a terrific game.  He made plays against both the run and pass.

He made two excellent tackles on 3rd and short plays that stopped a first down.

Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie had a big day in recording two interceptions and broke up two other passes as well.

Mychal Kendricks displayed his tenacity and excellent closing speed.  It was a solid first game for the rookie.

Nnamdi Asomugha recovered after getting beat early to have a good game with three pass break-ups.

Kurt Coleman came up clutch in two situations: the first was when he intercepted a tipped pass in the red zone to thwart a Browns scoring opportunity and the second was his game-clinching pick.

Damaris Johnson showed great concentration when fielding a punt in the first quarter after being interfered with on the play.

Jason Avant had a nice one-handed grab on a pass during the first quarter.

Jeremy Maclin had a good game with 7 catches for 96 yards and a touchdown.

LeSean McCoy was his usual stellar self with 20 rushes for 110 yards plus 6 catches for another 26 yards.

Brandon Boykin had a nice diving pass break up during the game, showing off his athleticism.

Overall, the defense dominated.  They took the ball away four times and limited the Browns to just 210 yards of total offense.  They were equally effective against the pass and run.

Great game guys!

Now, here are the things that made me yell out “WTF!”…

The penalties.  The Eagles were penalized 12 times for 110 yards.  McCoy had over 50 yards of offense wiped out by penalties on the offensive line.

The turnovers.  The Eagles turned the ball over five times, one on a rare McCoy fumble and the other four on INTs by Vick.

Between the penalties and turnovers, that was 17 WTF’s from me yesterday! (Well, maybe I didn’t say that after every penalty, but it was close!)

Michael Vick.  He looked downright horrible yesterday and at one point I wondered if he was going to be benched.  He made some good plays, but overall his performace elicited mostly WTF’s from me.

He was eratic and showed extremely poor decision-making when passing the ball.  He was often off-target and threw off-balance.  He takes off out of the pocket too often and therefore shortens the field that the defense has to defend.

Vick also should have had 5 interceptions.  Did you notice that on the play before his game-winning TD pass to Harbor that he threw another terrible pass that was simply dropped in the end zone by a Browns defender?

That should have been the game-ending turnover.

Andy Reid and Marty Mornhinweg also deserve a big WTF!

Between the two of them, they called a completely horrible game.  When you see your quarterback struggling like that, you need to help him out by running the ball and calling pass plays with 3-5 step drops and get the ball out quickly.

However, in typical Eagles fashion, they kept passing and passing.  They called 56 passes versus just 23 rushes, with a good chunk of those rushes late in the game after Vick’s fourth INT.

Andy Reid once stated that he kept calling pass plays for a struggling Donovan McNabb in hopes that McNabb would “pass his way out of his slump.”  Well, it didn’t work then and it doesn’t work now.

Coaches have to help a struggling QB by a combination of running the ball more and calling for higher percentage passes.

The Eagles were lucky to win this one against a bad Browns team.  If they play like this against the Ravens, they will lose horribly and the “fire Andy” chants will begin.

That’s why my ultimate WTF reaction is for the game as a whole…The Eagles barely beat one of the worst teams in the NFL…WTF!

For a full game recap, check out my piece over at BuzzOnBroad.



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2 Responses to Philadelphia Eagles Week 1 WTF and WTG Awards

  1. Fábio Campos says:

    WTF was that game? lol

    We had 2 old rookie QB in the game yestarday? Man, It was awful. If you pay a QB like elite you can´t have a NCAA QB kind of play.

    we have to realize that the real Vick was what we saw last year and yesterday. Poor decisions, reckless in Pocket. He was like this his whole career. 2010 was the exception, and we are expecting Vick of 2010 as if it was his usual.

    some people can blame the OL for a few plays, but any OL of any team will have bad plays during the game. The difference is the ability of the QB to make the right decision when this occurs.

    We have an amazing RB, great group of WR and TE …our offense need a QB who can make the right decisions at the right times to be able to go deep this season.

    • It was brutal Fabio. The D played great, even though they were facing a JV team. But it was still good to see them make plays.

      Yeah, I’ve been trying to remain optimistic about Vick, but after last year and now this, my confidence is seriously waning in him. With that said, he’s still our best chance this year.

      If he has another poor performance this week, I hope Reid benches him for a bit. Vick was terrible, and I’m stating that mildly…wtf! Lol

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