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Larry Fitzgerald vs. Eagles

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Attention Juan Castillo: Whatever you do this week, make sure Larry Fitzgerald’s whereabouts are accounted for on every single snap he’s on the field.  And make sure you relay this to Nnamdi, DRC, Nate Allen and Kurt Coleman as well.

In case you didn’t realize, Larry Fitzgerald absolutely loves playing the Eagles.  We all know he’s one of the NFL’s best receivers…if not the best (with a decent QB)…but he has a knack for just torching the Eagles defense in particular.

If you’ve been watching the Eagles for at least the past 7 years, you may remember some of the games against him…particularly the 2008 season’s NFC Championship game.  In that game, Fitz had 9 catches for 152 and 3 TDs.

He’s had 4 career games against the Eagles in which he has tallied 26 catches for 456 yards and a whopping 8 TDs.

That’s an average of 6.5 catches for 114 yards and 2 TDs per game.  And probably not coincidentally, the Eagles are 1-3 against Arizona in those 4 contests.

Fitzgerald is not off to a great start in the first 2 games this season with only 5 catches for 67 yards and no TDs.  However, his dry spell won’t last forever and he’s due for a break-out game soon.

Hopefully, that won’t be this week.

The Cardinals’ offense has been struggling so far for the most part and have only amassed 498 yards of total offense, including just 148 yards rushing, in the first 2 games.

However, they are 2-0, playing good defense, and will be playing at home this week in an early-season showdown of unbeaten teams.  They will be hyped up for this game and Fitzgerald could be a large part of it.

With the tandem of Beanie Wells and Ryan Williams averaging a mere 2.8 yards per carry, Fitzgerald is far and away their best offensive player and he can’t be allowed to dominate this game.

Last week, Patriots coach Bill Belichick stated that Fitz may ultimately become the “best ever” wide receiver in NFL history.  After heaping such nice praise on Fitz, Belichick’s defense proceeded to shut him down in holding him to just 1 catch for 4 yards.

How did he accomplish such a thing?  Well, it didn’t appear to be anything special other than playing his safeties deep and having them help with double-covering him.

Therefore, Castillo needs to study the game-tape to see exactly what the Patriots did.  Maybe he particularly needs to do extra study time with a guy that saw Fitz every day in practice — former Cardinal Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie.

DRC, by the way, will likely get his share of matchups on Fitzgerald this week as the Cards tend to line him up all over the place.  That will be a nice in-game battle to watch.

But, whatever Juan needs to do, he better do it.  Double cover him, triple cover him — roll your whole secondary his way and let Andre Roberts and Early Doucet run free (just kidding).  But, you get the point…

Shut Larry Fitzgerald down!

We stop him, we win the game…simple as that.  Unfortunately, that’s easier said than done.

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4 Responses to Philadelphia Eagles Defense Has One Task in Week 3: Stop Larry Fitzgerald

  1. Fábio Campos says:

    Agreed Dave we need cover Fitzgerald hard. I think the key is don´t give Kolb time. Press him all day. If we sack him 2-3 times early in the game every thing will be easier. When he is unconfortable (or scared) he makes bad decisions.

    Do you think this game can be won by special team? I mean, which Henry will show up? the first game one, great job, or the last one, awful. if the answer is the last one, Patrick Peterson can kill us. He is a beast returner.

    great article as usual

    • Hey Fabio, 100% agreed on getting to Kolb. If we can pressure and harass him all day, Fitz shouldn’t be much of a factor.

      Yeah, Henry didn’t have a good game last week and he needs to be better this week if he doesn’t want Reid to call McBriar back. I think our coverage teams can control Peterson enough to not allow the special teams to beat us. He’s only been averaging 8 yards per return this year so far so hopefully we don’t allow him to up his average! Good point though, because that could be a game changer.

  2. Shady McCoy says:

    Hey Dave, this is the same Shady from B/R. You told me you’d be going here so I checked out the website, and as always, great article! Gotta lock down Fitz or its an L..

    • What’s up Shady? Good to see you! Yeah man, Fitz has killed us over the years. Even just last year he put up 7 catches for 146 yards and 2 TDs on us. The D appears to be better this year, hopefully they show it by locking down Fitz. If they can get to Kolb and rattle him, he won’t be able to get it to Fitz. Thanks for stopping by man, hope to see you around…

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