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Much ado was made earlier this week when Philadelphia Eagles head coach Andy Reid gave an indication that was perceived as if he was at least thinking about benching Michael Vick at some point.

Reid was asked when, or if, he would consider a change at QB if Vick keeps turning the ball over.  Here was his answer on Monday:

“Right now, we’re with Michael,” Reid said. “That’s what we’re doing. We’ll evaluate it as we go.”

By saying the words “right now” and “we’ll evaluate as we go” certainly tend to indicate that he’s thinking about making a change if Vick’s play continues.

However, on his weekly radio show, he back-tracked and stated:

Michael’s our quarterback, period,” he said. “Does he need to get better? Do we all need to get better? Yes. . . . That’s what we’re going to work on starting Wednesday.”

And Reid again reiterated just today that Vick is his QB and he spoke with Vick to assure him that was the case.  Apparently, how everyone interpreted Reid’s initial statement was not how he meant it, according to Reid.

Vick was asked about his chat with Reid, here’s what he had to say:

“We spoke about it. It wasn’t anything serious,” Vick said Wednesday from the  NovaCare Complex as the Eagles prepared for Sunday night’s game against the New  York Giants. “We’re in a position where we have to prepare for this game  and not [have] any outside distractions. We try to move forward.

And in this quote from Vick is the answer to exactly why Reid back-tracked and tried to make it as clear as he could that Vick is still his quarterback.

No “outside distractions”, aka: We can’t have a QB controversy lingering over our heads at this point in the season.

The Eagles are, after all, 2-1 and facing a big Sunday Night game against the New York Giants.  This team has some problems and I agree, the last thing they need right now is a huge distraction such as a QB controversy.

However, the unfortunate part is that the play of the QB is a big part of the reason why this team has problems right now.

Vick: 9 turnovers in 3 games this year and 27 total turnovers in his last 16 games.  That’s 4 more turnovers than touchdowns for Vick during that same span.

That’s a problem, to say the least.

My take is that when Reid first answered the question about whether or not he was considering a change, those were his true feelings.  I mean, who wouldn’t be considering a change after what’s happened so far this season?

If you’re not at least thinking about it, that would be insanity.  But then again, as Joe Banner once said, the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again but expecting different results.

Maybe Reid is a little insane, in that regard, when you consider his game planning.  But, that’s besides the point right now.

My bet is that Reid will make a change at QB if Vick continues his trend of giving the opposition the ball.  Simply put, you can’t win in the NFL if you continue to give the ball away.

I’m not saying that Reid will bench Vick for the rest of the season, but I believe he will do something similar to what he did with Donovan McNabb back in 2008 when he benched him for the 2nd half of a game against Baltimore.

Hell, it might even happen this Sunday night.

If Vick comes out and turns the ball over twice in the first half, we could see Nick Foles under center come the 2nd half.  Or if Vick ends up costing the Eagles the game due to a few crucial turnovers in the 2nd half, we could see Foles the next week.

Reid likes to sit players down for a bit so that they can “take a step back” and clear their head.  And also, that they better start performing or they’ll be out of a job.  He’s also shown that he’s not afraid to bench his star QB and/or even change his mind about who his QB will be.

Benching McNabb and then trading him the following season, anointing Kevin Kolb as his starter but then choosing Vick is all evidence that he will do what he feels he needs to do.

If Vick can string a few good games together, he’ll be good to go.  If the offense struggles and he turns the ball over continuously, he’ll be benched — at least for a little bit.

Of course, Reid could be saved of having to make such a decision if Vick gets injured from one of the hundreds of hits he takes each week.

Ultimately, there shouldn’t be a controversy at this point, it’s still too early in the season for that.  Vick is the man…for now.

But rest assured, Reid will bench a healthy Vick if and when he reaches his limit for game-killing fumbles and interceptions.  So don’t let his latest “Michael’s our quarterback, period” statement fool you.

It’s true, but after he stated that he added the words “for now” in his mind.



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One Response to Andy Reid’s First Statement About Vick Was the True One

  1. Ron Pasceri says:

    Good analysis and I mostly agree, I’m just not as convinced that he would actually sit Vick at this point in the season, but your logic makes perfect sense. I imagine he has to be ready to pull his mustache hairs out with these turnovers.

    As I was writing that I had the thought in my head that people wanting Foles to replace Vick don’t realize that doing so is giving up on this season. Then I thought, just like you stated Vick may need to take a step back, that could be the one thing that Andy feels could keep the season from slipping away from him. Unless Vick snaps out of the funk and starts playing great on Sunday, that may be the last hope for keeping the season alive.

    I do completely agree that his first statement was unfiltered and the true expression of his thoughts. That’s probably why he has kept his guard up so high with the press all these years. I honestly appreciated the honesty for once.

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