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NFL: Eagles Week 1 preview


The self proclaimed, “dream team,” from 2011 gets their first chance at being the redeem team of 2012, when they face off against the Browns in Week 1. The NFL odds are favoring the Eagles heavily at -9 on the road. Will a rookie quarterback and running back be able to keep up with the high-flying Eagles’ offense? Or will Philadelphia get an easy blowout win in Week 1 to prepare them for a tough NFC East?

Philadelphia could not recover from a rough start to the season in 2011, and even though they finished strong, it wasn’t enough to make it to the postseason. One of their downfalls was their health. Michael Vick was limited to only 13 games, and his favorite target, Jeremy Maclin, played in only 13 games as well.

The Eagles’ weakness from last season was their defense. Even though their numbers were honorable, they were supposed to be the most devastating pass defense in the league. They ended up 10th in the NFL against the pass, and right in the middle against the run at 16th.

They drafted Fletcher Cox, a defensive tackle from Mississippi State to help against the run, and their first three draft picks were on defense, and four of their first five picks were on defense.

This game will come down to how prepared the Eagles are. I’m not here to say whether or not they will cover the spread. It’s way too early to make a pick on this game. However, the Browns shouldn’t put up much of a fight.

The Eagles will win this game, the question is, will they win by 3 or 30? That’s how up and down the Eagles could be this season. They are one of the favorites in the NFC, but a few injuries to key players could make them an 8-8 team again.

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