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Today is Friday the 13th, the day made famous by horror movie icon Jason Voorhees of the Friday the 13th movie franchise.  Since the Philadelphia Eagles should be in for a “killer” season, I thought it would be fun to take a look at how the two compare to one another.

Yes, I will shamelessly admit I’ve seen every single Friday the 13th movie, including “Freddie vs. Jason”, not only once, but multiple times.  After a while, it became more of “cult” thing to go see these movies because, if nothing else, I did find them entertaining (though more along the lines of a comedy rather than horror).

I mean, these movies became comedy gold after a while.  One of my favorite quotes is from Jason X when Brodski gets stabbed by Jason and is obviously going to get killed, but he says:

It’s gonna take more than a poke in the ribs to put down this old dog.”  Then Jason just stabs him again, to which Brodski responds “yeah, that oughta do it.

Good stuff man, good stuff.

Anyway, here are my top-7 (not so) striking similarities between the Eagles and one of Hollywood’s most notorious killers…

1. They both work at a camp.  Jason at Camp Crystal Lake and the Eagles in training camp at Lehigh.

2. They both like hockey masks

Andy Reid in Jason mask

Andy Reid on Eagles Live! last year on Halloween after they “killed” Dallas.  Photo:

Sheldon Brown in a Jason mask

Sheldon Brown, coming onto the field before a game against New Orleans in 2009. Photo:

3. In Friday the 13th Part VIII, Jason “took” Manhattan.  Well, the Eagles pretty much own New York themselves.  They’ve whacked the Giants in their last five trips up north and eight of their last 10.

4. Both have spent time in outer space.  Jason terrorized people of the future in Jason X while Andy Reid seems to go there from time to time when he makes decisions, such as hiring his OL coach to be the DC.

5. They both had an issue with a nightmare.  Last year’s “Dream Team” must have been sleeping on Elm Street and were visited by Freddy Krueger, just like Jason had to fight him in Freddy vs. Jason.

6. They both ultimately fail at the end.  Jason starts out strong, but ultimately finds a new way to die at the end of every movie.

The Eagles usually play strong most of the time until finding a new way to ultimately lose at the end of every season.

7. They always come back to life.  No matter what you do to Jason — hack him up, shoot him, electrocute him, send him to hell, etc — he always comes back to life and gives it another whirl.

No matter how many times Andy Reid and the Eagles fail, they’re always right back at it in full force the next season.

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