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ESPN insider KC Joyner listed his 10 Young Stars to Build Around and has Philadelphia Eagles RB LeSean McCoy at the top of his list.  The prerequisite to be eligible for this list is to be under 25 years of age at the start of the 2012 season.

LeSean McCoy

McCoy is getting a lot of attention this offseason. Photo: philly.com

Interesting choice for his No. 1 by Joyner…he chose him over players like Mathew Stafford and Cam Newton, two good young players who play the most important position in football.

I love McCoy just as much as the next Eagles fan and think he’s a great player to have as part of your core group.  He’s extremely talented and a top-3 running back in the NFL, but I guess I’m old school because I’d take a QB over a RB 10 times out of 10 as my top choice to build a team around.

Also, Dan Graziano, ESPN’s NFC East blogger, had asked 20 coaches and General Managers at the owners’ meetings which young player they would most like on their team.  In that, Cam Newton was named the most often (4 out of 20).

However, I suppose the question was a little different because they asked what young player (under 25) they’d like to have on their team.  That’s a different question than what young stars they’d like to build around.

Interestingly, two people out of the 20 coaches and GMs actually answered “Torrey Smith”, the WR from Baltimore.  I hope it wasn’t an Eagles coach or GM who gave that answer!

Smith might be a nice player, but he wouldn’t even crack my top 10 of players under 25 I’d want on my team, let alone be my top choice.

Anyway, kudos to McCoy for again being at the top of someone’s list.  He’s receiving much recognition this offseason and was rewarded with a nice contract.

Let’s hope he handles all of his new-found success like a pro.


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