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Not that this is some kind of revelation or anything, but the Philadelphia Eagles’ top three cornerbacks last season landed in the top-12 of Pro Football Focus’s worst tackling efficiency list.

The list is comprised of all defensive backs too, so it includes both safeties and cornerbacks.  It also is based on the past three years of statistics, not just 2011.

This isn’t new news, as just about every Eagles fan already knows their corners are exactly tackling machines.  However, PFF has given us actual numbers to look at.  Here they are at a glance:

Asante Samuel (big surprise) came in tied at No. 1 for having the worst tackling efficiency.  In the past three seasons, he’s played 2,460 snaps, made 100 tackles, missed 37 tackles and came in at a 3.7 tackling efficiency rating.

In other words, he missed a tackle for every 3.7 attempts at bringing a ball carrier down.

Nnamdi Asomugha came in at No. 3 on the list with 2,720 snaps played, 91 tackles, 25 missed tackles and a 4.6 tackling efficiency.

Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie came in at No. 12 with 2,608 snaps played, 120 tackles, 25 missed tackles and a 5.8 tackling efficiency rating.

Remember when we traded for DRC and signed Asomugha last offseason?  Some people started saying the Eagles now have their “three aces”, in a reference to the Phillies’ “four aces” pitching staff (Hamels, Lee, Oswalt and Halladay).

Well, as it turned out, the Eagles didn’t have three aces, it was more like a two of clubs, 6 of diamonds and 9 of hearts…aka, nothing.

Nate Allen and Kurt Coleman were not on the list because they only have two years of data.  Otherwise, I have a sneaky suspicion they may have been on here as well.

And speaking of tackling inefficiency, National Football Post put up an article titled “This is How You ‘Finish’ a Run in the NFL“.  No, it’s not a LeSean McCoy highlight, but rather an example of how not to tackle…featuring the Eagles defense.

And then there’s this dandy we all remember, featuring Asomugha and Coleman…

Let’s hope our tackling improves for 2012.  If not, we’ll be seeing more vomit-inducing plays like these next year.


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