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Ever since former Philadelphia Eagle Brian Dawkins has been back in town, he hasn’t been shy about speaking out regarding hot topics with his former team.

Brian Dawkins

From Andy Reid being on the hot seat to saying it’s a good thing for the Eagles that Joe Banner is out, BDawk has never been one to mince words.

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To check out my Brian Dawkins/Joe Banner article, please click here: Dawkins Speaks Out on Banner

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2 Responses to Brian Dawkins Tells Like it is About Joe Banner

  1. Smokes says:

    I still think that if it wasn’t for Banner, Dawkins might still have been here for a while. I absolutely hated seeing contract negotiations go back and forth involving Banner and a player.

    • Yep. Had the Eagles handled things when Dawk’s contract was up the same way they handled things this year, no doubt that a deal would have been done. The difference is Reid…more of him and less of Banner.

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