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Are fullbacks on the Philadelphia Eagles on the verge of an extinction level event?  Howard Mudd could be to the fullback position what a huge meteor was to the dinosaurs.

There are a few compelling reasons to at least make you wonder if the Eagles will keep one on the roster this year.

Stanley Havili

Going the way of the dinosaur?  Photo: Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

Consider this (per Pro Football Focus): In 2010, Owen Schmitt played in 33% of the team’s offensive snaps.  In 2011, that number dwindled down to just 16%.  Not coincidentally, 2011 was the first year of implementing the offensive line scheme of Howard Mudd.

During most of Mudd’s time in Indianapolis, the Colts did not utilize a fullback and therefore didn’t keep one on their roster.  It’s just a guess here on my part, but I’d imagine the reason would be due to the way he runs the ball.

The Eagles started using Mudd’s slant running or “stretch” scheme, just the way they did it in Indy when he was there.  That puts more emphasis on the zone blocking by the offensive line and the vision of the running back to find the right lane rather than rely on lead blocking by a fullback.

If an already seldom-used position took a 50% reduction in the amount of snaps from 2010 to 2011, and the fact we use a scheme that appears to not historically utilize a fullback, I have to wonder if the Eagles will designate a roster spot for this position in 2012.

I wrote about this back in early May, but it was part of another article.  After thinking about it, I felt this topic deserved its own post and discussion.

So, do you see the Eagles keeping Havili or any fullback this year?

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