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The NFL never used to be known for player trades.  Over recent years, though, player trades have become increasingly more common.  Even still, this was a tough assignment to figure out the right angle for.

Most sports fans think of trades in the days leading up to the league trading deadlines.  That rule doesn’t hold true for the NFL.  In the NFL most trades seem to take place in the run-up to the draft as well as on draft day itself.

Whether anyone realizes it or not, training camp trades aren’t unheard of or even uncommon.  The thing with those trades is that usually it involves a team trying to patch a hole caused by an unfortunate injury, similar to the trade the Eagles made for offensive tackle Ryan Harris.

In looking at the Philadelphia roster there is only one name that has any likelihood at all of being dealt.  That would be backup quarterback Mike Kafka.

Before you run to the comments to call me an idiot, understand that I don’t believe Kafka is likely to be traded nor do I think he will be.  All I’m saying is that it isn’t impossible and it’s the only possibility.

The Eagles are known throughout the league as a team that loves quarterbacks.  What’s the only thing Andy Reid and company love more than acquiring quarterbacks?  Trading them away before anyone else figures out they can’t play.

Think about it.  A.J. Feeley, Donovan McNabb and Kevin Kolb were all happily shuttled along as the Eagles amassed three second round picks, a fourth-rounder and Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie for their trouble.

Kafka would almost certainly not return another second-rounder, but he could be attractive to a quarterback-needy team late this summer.

Michael Vick is going nowhere.  Whether people fully believe in Vick or not, 2012 is his season.  Unless they were offered Tom Brady or Aaron Rodgers, Vick is staying put.

Newly-signed reserve Trent Edwards wasn’t even in the league last year and the Eagles were unopposed in signing him during the winter.  It would take a Herculean preseason for anyone to give the Eagles anything for Edwards.

The last quarterback on the roster is rookie Nick Foles.  Reid thought enough of him to spend the 88th pick in the draft on him.  Whether Foles is ever expected to take the reins in Philadelphia is up for debate but he is here to be groomed.

There is no other position with enough depth to make any other player a viable trade candidate.  It will be Kafka or it will be no one.

Again, this is not to say that I think Kafka will or should be traded.  It just makes sense that he is the only player that could net the team anyone of value.

Now that you’ve read the whole thing, fee free to run to the comments and call me an idiot.

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  1. Tough assignment indeed, Ron. Yeah, there is nobdy on the team that I think is a trade candidate at this point. That is, unless you want to think of a low level trade. In that case, maybe Phillip Hunt, Darryl Tapp or Antonio Dixon could be *possible* candidates since we seem to have a glut of DL now.

    Also, Riley Cooper could be a possibility if they decide McNutt will take his place and the team wants to keep Chad Hall.

    But, not sure how much any of them would be worth in a trade…nothing more than a 6th or 7th rounder at best.

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