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The Philadelphia Eagles have been assigned a 2012 rookie salary pool of $5.96 million, which includes a cap of $32.83 million, according to Ravens Insider reporter Aaron Wilson.

The pool figure of $5.96 consists of the amount the Eagles are able to spend for their rookies’ base salaries.  In essence, the base salaries of all nine rookies cannot exceed that amount in 2012.

The $32.83 million figure is the number the Eagles cannot exceed for the total cumulative amount of their nine rookie contracts.  In essence, once the Eagles sign all nine rookies, the total amount of all the deals (all of which will be four-year deals) cannot exceed $32.83 million.

With the new rookie wage scale in full effect, we’re already starting to see rookie deals get completed as the Bears and Jets have already signed their second-round picks.

Howie Roseman stated the other day that he expects to get all of the Eagles’ rookies signed this month, possibly even before the first rookie camp on May 12th.

Fletcher Cox and Andy Reid


Fletcher Cox, the Eagles’ first-round pick, will likely sign a four-year deal worth in the area of $11 – $12 million, with about a $400,000 2012 base salary.  Of course, that is based on being slightly more than the contract that last year’s No. 12 overall pick, Christian Ponder, signed (four-year, $10.15 million with a base salary of $375,000).

If that estimate holds true, that means there will be about $21 million left to divvy up between the Eagles’ other eight draft picks.

The rookie wage scale is probably the best thing about the new CBA.  It should virtually put an end rookie hold-outs and get them in training camp on-time and ready to go.  I’ve always hated seeing rookies miss invaluable camp time due to contract issues.

It’s now the way it should be; rookies will have to prove themselves before landing that mega-payday.




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