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In an effort for continued growth here at Eagles Addict, I’m proud to announce that a new writer will be joining myself and Ron Pasceri — his name is Jasen Shen.

Jasen is a knowledgable and level-headed Eagles fan and will bring his own flavor of analysis and opinion to the site.  Don’t let his left-coast residence fool you, he “bleeds green” from afar but will also be able to provide a unique point of view in an unbiased manner.

Eagles Addict is excited to have him so please join me in welcoming him to the site!

Without further ado, I’ll let Jasen introduce himself to you:

From Jasen Shen –

First off, I’d like to say that I’m really excited to be writing for Eagles Addict. I’ve been in
contact with other writers on the site before and look forward to offering you a different

I’ll spare you the boring details about myself and fast-forward to the years that actually
matter. I’m proud to say that I recently graduated from UCLA with an English degree and
currently write for Bleacher Report as a Philadelphia Eagles Featured Columnist.

I was born and raised in the City of Angels, so my affinity for a Philadelphia sports team
may seem strange. However, I can explain.

When you grow up in Los Angeles, you have the freedom to pick (or bandwagon) between
a multitude of local professional sports teams. If you’re “normal”, you cheer for the Lakers,
but if you want to be “hip”, you root for the Clippers. Get it?

Aside from the Staples Center co-tenants, there are cross-town rivalries in the MLB, NHL
and even college athletics.

This makes fandom in LA extremely fickle and quite honestly, pretty arbitrary. Cheering
for a sports team in my city is the equivalent of a fashion statement—it says something, but
doesn’t really mean much.

Amongst my group of friends, I am probably the only one who is against bringing the NFL
back to Los Angeles—even if it means poaching my favorite team. “Why?” you ask?

Because can you imagine the team name Los Angeles Eagles?

Just thinking about it makes me shudder, but whatever, I digress.

When I was a casual watcher of football, admittedly, I was all about Terrell Owens. At the
time, I was young and naïve, which is why his brash style and in-your-face celebrations
drew my interest to a sport that I really knew nothing about.

The time I began to actually follow the NFL just happened to coincide with the season
T.O. landed in Philly. Needless to say, I was ecstatic and began to follow the franchise

This is where I pause and let you realize I wasn’t around for the three consecutive NFC
Conference Championship losses.

So yes, in fact, I was a bandwagoner.

But even after the disappointing Super Bowl loss and suspension of Owens, I remained
largely interested in the quarterback who appeared in the Campbell’s Soup commercials,
the running back who could play wide receiver, and the safety who wore a blacked-out

As I continued to learn more about the team, I began to discover the essence of the

And that essence was fandom.

When you combine the fact that Lakers fans have a tendency to ignore the free playoff shirt
given to them at the first home game with the fact that the franchise routinely exploits
ticket and concession prices, it makes me wonder what group I’d prefer to associate with.

Back in days, I would often see Brian Dawkins lead Lincoln Financial Field in a chorus
of “Fly Eagles Fly” and mentally note that Lakers fans only chanted “DE-FENSE!” when the
scoreboard told them to.

I understand that LA fans can be great when they choose to be, but I also believe the
Philadelphia fan base to be the most passionate and emotionally invested group of people
in the world.

Simply put: the Eagles are my favorite team not because of the coaches on their staff, nor
the players on their roster, but rather the fans they attract.

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  1. Smokes says:

    Awesome Dave, I’m looking forward to reading some more of his articles. He sounds like a great knowledgeable guy and if he’s anything like you and Ron in knowing his stuff about the Eagles then us readers are in for a treat!

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