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According to agent Drew Rosenhaus (via the Sun Sentinel), former Dolphins safety Yeremiah Bell will decide on which team to sign with in the next 24 hours.  The Philadelphia Eagles are apparently in the Bell sweepstakes.

Yeremiah Bell

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The Eagles are one of four teams in which Bell is considering, according to Rosenhaus.  The Jets, Chiefs and Titans are the other three.

The Eagles have an inside track with Bell as his former defensive backs coach, Todd Bowles, is now in Philadelphia.  Bowles is largely credited with Bell’s development as a player but the Eagles may not be the best situation for him, if he’s looking to start.

Not that the Eagles couldn’t use some help in this area, but it does appear that Andy Reid is more than willing to go with Kurt Coleman or Jaiquawn Jarrett as strong safety.

Because of that, I’d be mildly surprised if Bell chooses the Eagles.  He may have a better chance at being a sure-fire starter with the Chiefs or Titans rather than being a possible starter in Philly.

However, if he chooses Philly, I think it would be a solid signing.  Bell offers experience and leadership and understands what Bowles wants from his safeties.

Furthermore, the only way he chooses Philly would be if he were told he would be the starter.  As long as the signing wouldn’t upset the applecart or ruin the good mojo amongst the team, I’d be okay with it.

The only downside would be the further delay in development of the young guys.




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2 Responses to Eagles Among Teams Yeremiah Bell May Sign With

  1. Wesley Norman says:

    Hey Dave good stuff as always. I listened to the interview and during the interview when Drew said he was on his way to a city for Yeremiah Bell you could hear in the background the plane he was on was headed to philly. We know this too because Drew is in philly bc of McCoy’s contract. I’m thinking drew and the eagles have a deal in place for yeremiah and are waiting until tmw to announce it out of respect for McCoy. Plus during the interview, Yeremiah actually texted one of the people interviewing Drew and joked telling him to let his agent get on the plane and get him a job. Just by connecting the dots, and yeremiah and bowles, bell might be an eagle tmw.

    • Hey Wes, how ya been? That’s an interesting tidbit there Wes…I didn’t actually listen to the audio from the interview yet. Connecting the dots seems logical to me, but with the way people travel these days, Rosenhaus could just as easily already be in KC, Tennessee or New York by now.

      We do have the Bowles connection though. Bell would be a solid signing in the aspect of fit and talent (though he’s on the downside of his career), I just don’t want it to disrupt the good mojo that’s going on in Philly right now with the players and front office. Like we saw last year, when you start bringing in too many outsiders, things get out of sync for a while.

      If he comes in as depth, then no worries about disrupting the mojo…but I’d have to assume that if he signs here, it’s to be the starter at SS. Also, his signing could mean the end for Colt Anderson as well. Colt’s a STs demon but coming off of injury. He’s a safety by position and there’s no way Reid keeps 5 safeties on the roster.

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