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You have got to hand it to the NFL.  Just releasing the upcoming season’s schedule seems to generate more interest than the actual playoffs in other sports.

This isn’t going to be a huge breakdown of what lies ahead for the Eagles in 2012, just a quick posting of the dates and opponents .  I will have a more thorough look through the schedule tomorrow.

Without further ado, here is the Philadelphia Eagles‘ 2012 schedule.  Can’t wait to get it started!

Week 1 Sept. 9 @Cleveland Browns 1:00 Fox
Week 2 Sept. 16 Baltimore Ravens 1:00 CBS
Week 3 Sept. 23 @Arizona Cardinals 4:05 Fox
Week 4 Sept. 30 New York Giants 8:20 NBC
Week 5 Oct. 7 @Pittsburgh Steelers 1:00 Fox
Week 6 Oct. 14 Detroit Lions 1:00 Fox
Week 7 Oct. 21 BYE
Week 8 Oct. 28 Atlanta Falcons 1:00 Fox
Week 9 Nov. 5 @New Orleans Saints 8:30 ESPN/MNF
Week 10 Nov. 11 Dallas Cowboys 4:15 Fox
Week 11 Nov. 18 @Washington Redskins 1:00 Fox
Week 12 Nov. 26 Carolina Panthers 8:30 ESPN/MNF
Week 13 Dec. 2 @Dallas Cowboys 8:20 NBC
Week 14 Dec. 9 @Tampa Bay Buccaneers 1:00 Fox
Week 15 Dec. 13 Cincinnati Bengals 8:20 NFL Thurs.
Week 16 Dec. 23 Washington Redskins 1:00 Fox
Week 17 Dec. 30 @New York Giants 1:00 Fox

Just some quick thoughts before I wrap it up.  The Eagles have two Monday night games and two Sunday night games to go along with their Thursday night game.

This season’s schedule looks significantly more difficult than last season’s at first blush, but there are actually some favorable qualities to it.

They only play consecutive road games once, in December against Dallas and Tampa Bay.  They follow those with a Thursday night home game against Cincinnati, which is a big break.

Also, they get a midseason bye week, and then they get 10 days between games in late December.  If anyone remembers, the Eagles got a huge boost in 2008 after their Thanksgiving night game and this little detail could be a huge help heading into the playoffs.

For any season ticket holders, you are fortunate enough to see Joe Flacco, El Manning, Matthew StaffordMatt RyanTony Romo, Cam Newton, Andy Dalton and Robert Griffin III.  It may make things tough on the home team, but that is probably the best lineup of quarterbacks to enter any stadium in 2012.

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