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After reading some of the quotes tweeted today from the Philadelphia Eagles beat reporters’ sit-down with Howie Roseman, I came away convinced he must be an avid reader of Eagles Addict!

Consider the following:

Posted in January, see: 2012 Philadelphia Eagles Draft: Expect at Least 3 Senior Bowl Players Drafted

Then this:

Posted originally a few weeks ago but again just two days ago, see: Philadelphia Eagles 2012 Draft: 2nd and 3rd Round QBs Have a Low Success Rate

And finally, this:

I haven’t dedicated an article solely to this topic, but I have mentioned it many times in multiple articles. I’ve mainly used the “draft is deep at DT” as justification for doing something different in round one other than take Fletcher Cox or another DT that early. For example, here is one of those articles:

Best Case Scenario For the Philadelphia Eagles In the 2012 NFL Draft

Now, this is all in jest here. Do I really think Howie reads this site? No, I’m sure he has much more important things to do rather than wait with baited breath for the next marvelous article with mind-blowing insight from Eagles Addict.

But hey, just in case…thanks for reading Howie!


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2 Responses to Philadelphia Eagles: Howie Roseman Must be an Eagles Addict Reader!

  1. Ron Pasceri says:

    Let’s hope Dave, I think we drafted better than Howie has the last two years.

    It is amazing though seeing those quotes.

    • Yeah really Ron! Hopefully Roseman has learned a thing or two from the past 2 years…at least Watkins looks like a good pick though.

      Can’t wait til next week!

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