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Asante Samuel has been traded to the Atlanta Falcons for what has been described as an “undisclosed pick” in this year’s draft.  The consensus, though not official, is that it’s Atlanta’s sixth-rounder.

Using the term “undisclosed pick” in compensation for Samuel is code for “we got absolute crap for a good player.”

How in the world did they only get so little for arguably a top 10 cornerback, a guy who makes his living intercepting passes and making plays?

Unfortunately, the answer is most likely due to Samuel’s contract demands with other teams that were in the mix for his services.

Jeff McLane reported a while back, and then reminded everyone via twitter that the Eagles could have had a second and third-round pick for him last summer had a deal with Detroit had gone through.

So, in just eight months time, the Eagles went from getting two second-day picks to an “undisclosed pick?”  To say that’s a pisser is an understatement!

Just as I wrote a short time ago, the problem with potential trades appears to have been due to Samuel’s contract demands.  Apparently at least two trades were nixed and it seems probable that this was the downfall in the Detroit deal last year.

Samuel just didn’t want to lose too much money in a restructuring of his current contract so a trade could be consumated.  I can’t blame him, but this also was not the fault of the Eagles either.

Therefore, the high figures of Samuel’s contract and knowing that the Eagles desperately wanted to get them off their books, the bidding price in trade compensation came down….dramatically.

In the end, it’s unfortunate that they got so little for such a good player.  However, I can’t fault either side for it.  The best part of this trade is that now there is a ton of money freed-up for a contract extension for LeSean McCoy.

At least, that’s where the money better go.



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4 Responses to Philadelphia Eagles Get Peanuts In Return For Asante Samuel

  1. Ron Pasceri says:

    For real, we discussed this about a month ago, that Asante is the best player nobody wants. Or at least the best player nobody wanted to give up anything for. The first reaction is that the Eagles just gave him away, but ultimately they were probably going to have to. If his attitude was bad last season, it would have been even worse next season. I wanted at least a fourth, but now we get to see if they did the right thing with Nnamdi and DRC.

    • Yeah really…it’s such a disappointment that we got so little for a player of his caliber. I wish the deal with Detroit last summer would have panned out.

      I think they did the right thing…Nnamdi and DRC should be good on the outside playing press coverage.

      • Chris S says:

        How Are you doing Dave….I think Asante held the large trump card all along and knew what he was doing to go where he wanted to play,for the last few years…Now there should be a case of the NFL to compassionate a team in some manor if a player holds all the cards ,don’t you think ?…

        • Hey Chris, I think you’re right about Asante forcing his way to a team he preferred. He apparently nixed a few trades because of unknown reasons…which was probably related to money or him just not wanting to play for x team. Teams hold most of the cards most of the time, so I can’t blame players for playing one of their own, know what I mean?

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