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Philadelphia Eagles 2012 Season Outlook

Written by Leslie Branch

After a disastrous 2011 season, diehard fans of the Philadelphia Eagles were feeling a lot of disappointment and fair-weather fans were ready to jump off the bandwagon. The team seemed to have a hard time playing as a unit and it was said that the coaching staff couldn’t control the players and called the wrong plays. As a result, teams that the Eagles should have easily beaten ended up giving the Eagles a whipping.

Hopefully, the 2012 season will lead to not only a return to the playoffs, but a trip to the Super Bowl as well. But, will the team have what it takes to bring home the championship.


It didn’t matter that the Eagles ended up missing the playoffs by a single game or that they beat eventual Super Bowl champions New York Giants once during the season. All fans saw in 2011 was Head Coach Andy Reid fumbling his way through the plays and calls.

Reid has admitted that he made mistakes, such as putting in players who weren’t ready to take the field as starters.

Although there was a lot of talk about Reid being fired, especially from Eagles fans, he managed to hold onto his job for a 14th year. Hopefully, Reid and his coaching staff are taking the necessary steps to ensure that the mistakes made in 2011 are not repeated in 2012.

Eagles’ team owner Jeffrey Lurie has said that he not only hopes that Reid can bring better results in 2012, but is also friendlier during press conferences.

Potential Draft Pick Ryan Tannehill

Right now, Philly is eyeing Ryan Tannehill, the former quarterback from Texas A&M. But so are the Kansas City Chiefs. The Eagles have worked Tannehill out, but will they be able to trade up in order to draft him before the Chiefs can snap him up? If so, what could it mean for the team? Maybe they’d like to groom him to one day take over for Michael Vick. Or maybe they’re using this move to divert the attention of other teams from their true draft intent.

Speaking of the Draft …

We’re still a few weeks away from the draft, but The Eagles are already eyeing some players that they hope will help the turn the team around in 2012. There are several question waiting to be answered, such as who they will eventually draft, what colleges will they be from and will they really be able to make a difference? The waiting game begins on when the NFL Draft begins on April 28.

Jason Peters’ Replacement?

Peters has undergone surgery for his ruptured Achilles tendon, which leaves the Eagles searching for a replacement for the Pro Bowl left tackle. It was looking like Demetrius Bell was the man for the job, although he has also had some troubling sports-related injuries. But, after spending the weekend in Philly, Bell left without a signed deal in hand.

However, after leaving town, Bell ultimately decided to come back and sign with the Eagles. He and King Dunlap, who was also re-signed for one year, will help fill the void left by Peters.

Could 2012 Be the Eagles Year?

Some changes are being made that will hopefully allow The Eagles to take the NFC East and make it to the Super Bowl.

For one, Vick will be more prepared when he takes the field. Additionally, the defensive unit, lead by defensive coordinator Juan Castillo, will need to play more cohesively.

The media and fans will hopefully stop referring to the Eagles as a “Dream Team.” The branding didn’t work last year. It won’t work this year.
Anyone watching in 2011 saw how badly the defensive team needed some help. An overhaul by Reid can make all the difference in 2012.

After seeing how the players didn’t seem to want to work together has a cohesive unit in 2011, you can bet that the coaches will do everything they can to put together a team that works well together and find their way to another title.


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