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Thanks to DeSean Jackson’s shiny new $47 – $51 million contract with the Philadelphia Eagles, he’s going to be a bird for the next five seasons.  So, in celebration, I’ve decided to pay a quick tribute, gif-style, to the explosive little man from the left coast.

But first, I just wanted to give my official stamp-of-approval for this move.  It was a good decision by Andy Reid and Howie Roseman to sign Jackson long-term rather than letting him play the upcoming season on a one-year franchise deal.

Jackson is an important part of the Eagles’ offense and is a big-play guy.  In 2011, he struggled through some maturity issues in how to handle his contract situation while still playing football. Even in somewhat of a half-hearted season, he still put up almost 1,000 yards receiving and four TDs. A happy and more focused Jackson should lead to more explosive production and therefore better looking stats.

The long term deal comes as somewhat of a surprise, though. The only reports that came out about negotiations was that the sides were far apart on numbers. Basically, there were no signs that they were getting close on a deal.

There were also times it seemed questionable as to whether he’d even be back, period.

Jackson was deactivated for a game against the Arizona Cardinals due to missing a special teams meeting, was benched in the game against New England for poor play and received criticism for appearing disinterested during a game against Seattle.

However, Andy Reid defended DeSean Jackson through all of heat he received this past season.  That tells me that, at the least, Reid likes Jackson and he never viewed him as being an arrogant, pain-in-the-ass diva.

Plus, Reid probably felt a little guilty because the Eagles kind of screwed Jackson a little bit last year.  They paraded in free-agent after free-agent and spent all kinds of money, but none on one of their star players.

They paid the likes of Vince Young and Steve Smith more than four-times what Jackson made last year, for crying out loud!  Talk about a slap in the face!

That would be like watching your boss triple the salaries of the biggest morons in your office while ignoring you as if you were a salad on Andy Reid’s dinner table.

But anyway, I’m happy that this drama about what he’s worth has finally ended.  No further distractions and no further excuses for not producing.  It’s time for fun, big plays, and big wins with DeSean Jackson.

In other words, it’s time for more things like these (GIFs courtesy of and

DeSean Jackson 91 yard TD


DeSean Jackson and Andy Reid

DeSean Jackson

DeSean Jackson Punt return TD

DeSean Jackson



Couldn’t find an animated GIF of this one, but it’s one of Jackson’s best moments:

And lastly, here is DeSean signing his new contract, courtesy of Dave Spadaro:

DeSean Jackson signing contract

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