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It’s been reported by Ruben Frank of CSNPhilly that the Philadelphia Eagles have agreed on a one-year deal with quarterback Trent Edwards.  Edwards would presumably be replacing Vince Young as the backup to Michael Vick.

Young was atrocious in his limited playing time in Philadelphia and honestly, I don’t know how anyone around the league saw anything from him that would say he could emerge as a good starter someday.  Really, he didn’t even prove he could be a good backup.

In his time with the Eagles, his most damning statistic was his nine interceptions in 114 pass attempts.  That is an astronomical 7.9 percent of his passes going into the other team’s hands.  He also showed marginal arm strength and didn’t flash much of the athletic ability that made him a meaningful player.

With Edwards, they aren’t getting a player that has ever set the league on fire, as he couldn’t even land with the Raiders last year.  But he has some skills that the Eagles’ staff should be able to work with.

He stands 6’4″ and weighs in at 231 pounds.  He will turn just 29 during the season.  He was 14-18 as a starter with the Buffalo Bills and threw just 26 touchdowns against 30 interceptions.  On the plus side, he has completed over 60 percent of his passes in his career.

Edwards would not cause a quarterback controversy, but it does show that the Eagles really aren’t ready to let Mike Kafka fill in if necessary.  The ultimate judgement on their overall faith in Kafka may be the fact that they gave Edwards just one year.

If nothing else, Edwards was a relatively respected college prospect who gives them an upgrade in passing ability over Young and a huge upgrade in game-experience over Kafka.  Who knows, maybe Edwards will be the next mediocre quarterback they can flip for a second-round pick.

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2 Responses to Philadelphia Eagles Report: Vince Young out Trent Edwards in

  1. lucas says:

    this is some bullshit. kafka should freaken start

    or get peyton

    • Say what Lucas? Kafka? Start? Come again? j/k

      But seriously, Kafka? Start over Vick? No way. I’d love to see Peyton in this offense but that’ll never happen either. Edwards is a good signing and will serve his purpose as a backup. Much better than Young, that’s for sure.

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