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There have been various tidbits of news recently pertaining to a few Philadelphia Eagles players, an ex-player and ex-coach, and a player who has a burning desire to become a Philadelphia Eagle.

Michael Vick


First up is Michael Vick.  You’ve probably heard by now that he was voted as Forbes’ most hated athlete…again.  This doesn’t come as a huge surprise because to the average Joe, Vick is still routinely just thought of as “the dog killer.”

I have to wonder if they took a poll just for people in Philadelphia and/or just real football fans, if the result would be the same about Vick.  He’s a man that has paid his debt to society for his crime and has worked hard on rehabbing his image.

All I have to say is: let it go people, just let it go!

Forbes got its results from a national survey done by Nielson and E-Poll Market Research.  Asking people across the country how they feel about a player they most likely know nothing about, except his crime, is not a good indicator for how people closest to the situation feel.

I believe there are many people who feel as I do regarding Michael Vick: that what he did was horrible, but, he did his time and now it’s time to move on.  These days, I merely view him as the quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles and judge him solely on his performance on the field (assuming he doesn’t do anything moronic off the field).

Plus, I know from experience, that if you write a negative word about Vick around here, there are vigorous Vick supporters who run to his defense as if Mother Teresa was being mugged on South Street.

Plaxico Burress


Speaking of being on the Forbes most hated list, Plaxico Burress has recently stated his desire to join the Eagles.  Burress, who came in at No. 3 on the Forbes list, told Howard Eskin that he wants to play for the Eagles, “badly!”

Therefore, we can now begin another round of “Burress to Philly” speculation just like last offseason when he stated his desire to play with Vick and the Eagles.

Burress signed with the New York Jets last year and caught 45 passes for 612 yards and eight touchdowns.  Those aren’t spectacular stats but considering who his QB was, and the fact it was his first season back, Burress had a decent season.

I’m not sure exactly what his fascination is with playing for the Eagles.  It must have to do with Vick and playing in the same division as his former team.  He must feel somewhat spurned by the Giants and saw that Vick gained redemption in the City of Brotherly Love, therefore he could too.

However, the interest has to be mutual.  The Eagles gave no indication of being interested in him last year even though Burress was publicly campaigning for an invite.  The Eagles ended up signing a different ex-Giant receiver in Steve Smith.

Smith obviously proved to be the wrong choice.  With Smith unlikely to be back, maybe the Eagles will give Burress a shot this year (yes, pun intended).  He certainly can’t do any worse.

Besides, if Burress came to Philly, we would have a new nick-name in town…we could call the Vick-to-Burress connection “Con Air.”

However, will the Eagles have any interest in Burress?  That will depend on how things shake out at wide receiver.  He should not be viewed as a replacement for DeSean Jackson if he departs, but could be viewed as a good compliment to the receiving tandem of Jackson and Jeremy Maclin.

Then, the Eagles will have to consider how much of a public relations controversy it might cause should they sign another ex-convict.  However, Burress’ crime was hardly anything to get crazy about.

If anything, Burress could be looked at as more of an idiot and/or “victim”.  He illegally brought a gun into a nightclub and somehow ended up shooting himself in the leg (idiotic).  His sentence was pretty harsh and seemed to be above and beyond that of what the average person would have received.

Why he is on that Forbes list is a head-scratcher to me, let alone placing No. 3.  Get a clue people, seriously!

LeSean McCoy


Speaking of getting a clue, what is Ron Burke over at smoking?

Burke recently wrote an article about LeSean McCoy not being worth big money in a pass first league.  If you read the article, I get what he’s trying to say.  Paying a lot of money to running backs these days is risky business.

There is the serious risk of injury and a short shelf life as their skills seem to diminish at a faster rate than most other positions.  And with all the emphasis on the passing game these days, along with most teams employing a two-back system, the days of running backs being paid like elite players could be coming to an end in the near future.

Plus, as long as you have a good offensive line, you can plug in just about any running back and he’ll produce good enough.

Then, if you consider what happened this past year with premier players Adrian Peterson (serious injury after big contract) and Chris Johnson (bad season after big contract), teams will really start to think twice about paying big money to these guys.

With all that said, I still think Burke is way off on his comment that McCoy isn’t worth big money.  After being compared to all-time-great Barry Sanders by some analysts this past season, and being touted by some as the best all-around running back in the NFL, he is definitely worth “big money.”

If you want to argue that the passing game is what dominates today’s NFL, well, McCoy is just as valuable in there too.  In three seasons, he has totaled 166 receptions for 1,215 yards and five TDs.  Heck, in 2010 he led his team in receptions with 78.

McCoy is also an excellent blocker, which is important for the Eagles offense as he excels at picking up blitzes and protecting Michael Vick.  Therefore, McCoy does it all!  He can run like Barry Sanders, catch like Jerry Rice, and block like Vonta Leach (okay, maybe I’m being a little over zealous here, but he’s what you call a complete player).

Pay the man!

Steve Spagnuolo


Speaking of paying the man, or at least giving someone what he wants, if a recent tweet by John Clark of NBC is true then Andy Reid should be fired immediately!

Clark tweeted the following on February 8th:

Former Eagle Quintin Mikell tells NBC10 he thinks Steve Spagnuolo wanted to return to Philly, but #1 he wanted to be defensive coordinator

Now, the key word in that tweet is “thinks”, which basically equates to just speculation by Qunitin Mikell.  However, I just wanted to entertain the notion for a minute because I’m still bothered by the fact Spagnuolo didn’t come here.

During Andy Reid’s press conference on January 31st, he admitted to talking to Spagnuolo about a job.  However, he described it like he was offering him a spot on the defensive staff, not specifically as defensive coordinator.

Reid had stated something like he “doesn’t get into titles” and offered Spags a “place to land” if he needed it.  Based on what Reid said, one could rationally draw the conclusion that he offered Spags something like a “co-coordinator” role where it would be him and Juan Castillo running the show.

Going by that, and what Mikell thinks, you have to wonder if that’s how it really went down.

When Reid described how he talked to Spags and what he offered, my initial impression was that he was sugar-coating things in an effort to not completely disrespect Castillo.  You would logically think that Reid wouldn’t have offered Spags anything less than the coordinator title.

But, maybe that wasn’t the case?  Could you fathom Reid being so stubborn, arrogant, and idiotic that he would try to convince Spags to take a job that wouldn’t give him full control over the defense?

Actually, I can fathom that.  I just hope that it’s not true and that Reid gave his best sales pitch to Spags and offered him whatever he wanted…title of DC, full control over all things defense, and even his VIP card to Pats Steaks.

If Spags wanted full control of the defense, he should have been given it without question.  If that meant firing DL coach Jim Washburn because the two men couldn’t co-exist, Washburn should have been sent packing immediately.

If Reid honestly didn’t offer Spags these things, he has seriously lost it.  His game-day coaching is already under scrutiny, but this would mean his management and general decision-making skills should be seriously questioned as well.

Trent Cole


What could also be seriously questioned is Trent Cole’s recent statement about being “inches away from being great.”  Cole, speaking while doing a promotion event in Harrisburg, stated the following as reported by Les Bowen of the Philly Daily News:

“We had a bad year. We just couldn’t pull it off at the last minute,” Cole said. “We were right there, inches away from being great, being a dominant team. I think some teams are going to be worried about playing us” in 2012.

And then, when asked about the decision to keep Juan Castillo as coordinator, he said:

“I think it’s a great choice,” he said, when asked about Castillo. “Numbers don’t lie, and we put up some great numbers.

So, just to reiterate, Cole thinks the Eagles are mere inches away from being a dominant team and that Juan Castillo is great. I like Trent Cole and think he’s a great player, but man, he’s a little displaced from reality with these comments.

Maybe he was with Ron Burke and smoking some of that funny stuff lately.

I suppose that Cole is just preaching the positives and saying the right things here.  I mean, I wouldn’t expect him to say that they stunk and Castillo knows as much about running a defense as Plaxico Burress knows about gun safety.

However, he could have toned down the “inches away” and “dominant” part.  With a few key moves in free agency and the draft, this team could be much improved and enter the realm of “good”…maybe even very good.

But great?  Dominant?  Not even close at this point.

If Cole thinks they’re inches away, the rest of us think they’re feet away…maybe even yards away right now.  Get back to me after the Eagles win a Super Bowl.  Maybe then we can say they’re great or better yet, dominant.







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