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Castillo gets a shot to prove he's learned.

So 29 days after the Philadelphia Eagles’ season officially ended, they finally put an end to any defensive coordinator speculation once and for all.  The city had it out for Castillo before midseason, and the pundits had him all but gone before 10 games had been played.

But now, less than a week away from the Super Bowl, the Eagles’ coaching staff is set to be set, with the hiring of Todd Bowles as secondary coach.  Bowles held the same job in Miami last year, until he became the interim head coach.

With that, all rumors and speculation are set to revolve around DeSean Jackson, along with free agent linebackers and draft possibilities.  Many fans will be underwhelmed, but Bowles was thought to be headed for a coordinator position himself and was even considered for two head coaching vacancies.  this hiring has to be looked at as a solid move that should help improve the back end of the defense.

With at least two top-teir corners set to be on the team next year and two second round draft picks at safety, they need a coach to get the most out of that group.  Bowles could be the man to do it.

Perhaps more than his coaching of the secondary, could Bowles be viewed as a sort of mentor or guide for Castillo?

Castillo’s tenure as offensive line coach and his lack of defensive coaching experience has been well documented.  Does Bowles’ hiring put Castillo in an even tougher position?  Castillo will now have two well respected coaches with strong backgrounds over his shoulder, in Bowles and defensive line coach Jim Washburn.

Castillo appeared last year like he could use all the help he could get, but now he may have his future replacement working under him.  Honestly though, it is way, way too early to speculate on all this.  For now, the Eagles have a set coaching staff, and one man has improved the outlook on the defensive staff.

The decision is set to be announced either today or tomorrow and Andy Reid is said to be ready to talk to the waiting media at last.  There hasn’t been much of a shake-up, and anyone hoping for informative answers to their questions should probably lower their hopes.

For all the clamoring for Reid to address 2011, he will not reveal anything more than he wants to, which is generally nothing.  Some things change and others stay the same.  With the Eagles 2012 looks to be more of the same

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