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The following is a site that was started up by a passionate Eagles fan to use as an outlet to vent his frustration with Andy Reid.  Dave M, who goes by the Twitter handle of “@eaglesdieshard”, started and is a site dedicated to counting down the days until Andy Reid is fired.

Presumably, that day will be December 31st, 2012, which is the day after the final regular season game of the 2012 season.  If the Eagles fail to make the playoffs, his prophecy will very likely come true!

Sadly though, that’s 10 days after the Mayan calendar expires so if the world ends, we may never get a chance to see Reid actually fired!

Anyway, it’s a good read if you appreciate sarcastic humor like I do.  Dave M has graciously allowed me to display his first post to his site for readers of Eagles Addict enjoy.  If you’re interested in sounding off on this topic, feel free to contact Dave to possibly have your article published to his site.

Without further ado, here’s Dave M from

This site is dedicated to the glorious day when the Andy Reid reign of slightly above average will end in Philly. Those of us who have been around the block (and run over repeatedly) as Eagles fans know that all the signs are there for 2012 to be a lame duck death-spiral season. My guess is that after the season Jeff Lurie will finally see the Wizard for some courage and actually put us out of our mediocrity.

I would like to thank Andy for all those championship game appearances. I’d like to but I can’t because the home losses to Carolina and Tampa were two of the most soul-crushing sports losses I’ve ever experienced.

I can thank Atlanta for being an even worse playoff team than the Eagles to allow us to get to a Super Bowl under Andy.  Mike Vick if you do nothing else you can always say you helped the Eagles get to a Super Bowl. Though I think at this point Andy has paid you back for that.

The Super Bowl experience must have touched Andy. Since then who can forget such memorable coaching hires as Rory Segrest as special teams coach.  That debut against Green Bay in 2007 where his unit fumbled several punts including one that gave the game away at the end was magical.  You got the sense from the local reporters covering the team that the depth of Rory’s skills and intelligence were rare.

Juan Castillo showed last year that he could top that.  Almost over-qualified because he used to give Jim Johnson an unacknowledged wave in the hallway, Juan’s first play coaching the defense was a 40+ yard touchdown run where none of his players were in the right place.

But really that’s putting the cart before the horse because Juan opened the abbreviated training camp announcing a rookie 4th rd pick who hadn’t seen the field or the playbook was the starting middle linebacker. True genius.

Back to the horse (or a certain part of it) Juan’s D was on the field for 5 glorious 4th quarter losing drives. A lesser coach would have accidently stopped one team but Juan is a true savant.

Speaking of savants, Andy’s decision to double down on the Juan decision for 2012 leaves many of us feeling that maybe Andy is too smart of us.  We’re just simple folk as Eagles fans.

At first when Andy decided to forgo the running game on offense we were confused. But the constant passing was exciting and golly gee it worked so well against all the non-playoff teams.

But then when Andy decided that it was even smarter to forgo stopping the run on defense we just weren’t smart enough to understand it. Unfortunately, that’s where we stand with a coach that many say we are just too dumb to understand and appreciate.

So this site will keep the time until the anticipated day December 31st, 2012 the likely Monday after the last day of the 2012 season when Jeff Lurie gets up to a podium, holds up a dictionary and says, ‘Oh, that’s what unacceptable means.’

If you are passionate about the Eagles and want to see change please share this site by clicking below. You can follow me on twitter @eaglesdiehard for the latest postings.

If you are an aspiring writer with a sarcastic and satirical edge and want to add a countdown article to on this topic or any new countdown like the countdown to the Eagles draft pick of a 5-9 offensive lineman who they project as a DL then let me know by DM @eaglesdiehard on Twitter or e-mail me @ eaglesdiehard AT mailtous DOT com (take that spam bot).


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  1. Smokes says:

    This made my day! Mr. Dave M. deserves a medal for this site LOL! I’ve made up my mind that I can tolerate Reid for 1 MORE YEAR ONLY, but this still made me cry with laughter! Good find Dave 😀

    • Hey Smokes! Yeah, I cracked up when I first read that…good stuff! I’m sure he’ll continue to post things of that nature so it’ll be a good site to check out once in a while.

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