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Aside from the ousting of Tim Tebow from the playoffs, the biggest NFL story of the weekend was Jeff Fisher’s return to the sidelines in St. Louis.  Could the hiring have implications in Philadelphia?

Many have ridiculed Eagles’ defensive coordinator Juan Castillo all season for an underwhelming defense, and head coach Andy Reid for giving Castillo the job.  Many considered the hiring of Castillo to be a move of arrogance by Reid.

Arrogance because only Reid would think he is smart enough to turn an offensive line coach into a defensive coordinator.  Arrogance because he believed either everything would work, or that if it failed, he would be forgiven.

In recent weeks, though, the story has been told slightly different.  It turns out Castillo wasn’t the first choice for the job.  When they hired defensive line coach Jim Washburn and inherited his wide-nine scheme, they limited their options.

Putting a defensive line coach in total control of how the unit would be deployed, other coordinators weren’t interested in running the rest of the defense.  When no one else wanted the job, it went to Castillo.

Back to Fisher and how he ties in.  Washburn was Fisher’s defensive line coach from 1999 through 2010 and it is entirely possible that he will want to add him to his staff.  If that happened, it could be a convenient way to spilt with Washburn, opening the door to other coordinators who would want to run Reid’s defense.

Any thought that Spagnuolo wouldn’t want to work with the wide-nine would be immediately out the window, and you have to assume that the job is his if he wants it.

There have been no rumors or reports, but it is an intriguing thought that would bring Philadelphia the defensive coordinator they felt was theirs to begin with.  If nothing else, it gives Philadelphia something to think about for a few weeks.

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